Nail Care chat thread!

  1. I really like the Essie glass files - they are thinner than the one's from Sally's and are two sided. I like OPI too, except I dropped that one and it broke :sad:
  2. New here, thought I would stop in and say hi. Also admit that my polish collection has grown from about 30 polishes to about 200 in the last 6mo or so. Nail Polish Addicts is where I should be
  3. Man I'm so excited. My local Sephora just got a full nail bar. So now they carry the full Dior line, Nails Inc., Illamasqua!! They used to only carry the Sephora by OPI line. I got Baker St. and Nomad. :biggrin:
  4. That would make me excited too!! As far as I know the Sephoras around here just still have SOPI. Which I'm not a fan of
  5. Welcome :wave:! You are definitely in the right place! You will love it here! :biggrin:

    I was so excited when our Sephora's here got the nail polish section too! I always check the little sale bins now too because they put amazing Nails Inc. polishes in there! I love Baker St.! :tup:
  6. Thanks!! Julep too! Man it was so hard to only get those two lol
  7. Wow so many warm welcomes. Thanks so much, I already love it here!!
  8. I can't figure out where would be best to post this...
    But FYI
  9. Wow, nice! Is this your new purchase?
  10. I wonder if they will have these at Sephora, they never seem to have any new ones at the store though :sad:. I don't know where else to buy SpaRitual around here other than online either. :shrugs:
  11. As far as I know they aren't available yet.. But I've seen spa ritual only at specialty spas..
  12. Zappos has a large selection of Sparitual and free shipping.
  13. You could try Murale. They have a Spa Ritual section but I'm not sure if they keep up to date with seasonal collections. Nail Polish Canada also stocks Spa Ritual.
  14. I've tried using glass files but I just find the sensation really weird. They kinda bug out my nerve endings or something. I can only use the metal files that come in manicure kits.

    I have bad experiences with buffing as well. A couple months ago I thought it would look nice to buff out my ridges. I buffed too much and my nails got very thin and weak. It's taken about three or four months for the damage to grow out but the tips still feel sharper than they used to and I'm still relying on polish to thicken them up and provide protection. I also find that whenever I buff the surface, I get a lot of flaking and peeling at the tips. This experience has taught me never to mess with my nails. They used to be so hard and strong.

    Oh also, does anyone actually put Hard as Hoof/Healthy Hoof *over* their nail polish? I know it says to do that on the package but I don't really get how it would be beneficial. Anybody tried it and does it work? Does it affect the shine of the polish?
  15. Merle norman too!