Nail Care chat thread!

  1. Kind of strange reason to be starting this thread, but I've been thinking that we need one.

    Watching the news right now about the earthquake right now... I hope everyone in Japan and the Pacific Rim are okay :sad:

    Please update when you can & let us know you are okay!
  2. So glad you you started this thread. I was thinking the same thing. Hope everyone is ok. I need to get to sleep but we can't stop watching and are so worried for all of those affected.
  3. I'm at home ind bed, and woke up really early and turned on the news. i almost could not look at it. Then I dozed of to sleep again, and when I woke up I was sure it had been a nightmare.

    Do we know of any tpf'ers who live in that area?
  4. I know peach is in Japan. Not really sure where she is located... I think I remember her saying Yokohama? Again, not very sure.
  5. Oh no :sad:

    Has anyone sent her a pm?
  6. I'm thinking about them to.. Am home sick, so I've been watching all morning. :sad:
  7. Me 2. That's the first time I've actually thought Lars Løkke seemed genuinely sad.
  8. Oh no I hope peach is OK! (/(oo)\)
  9. We've been trying to call family members over there, but we can't get through! Very worried!!
  10. My prayers are with all the people in these affected areas. How scary... I can't even imagine.
  11. On a related note, does anyone in the SF Bay Area know what's going on? I see we still have a tsunami warning . . . what exactly constitutes a "low-lying coastal area"? Am I supposed to be evacuating the pigpen? (*(oo)*)
  12. Probably places close to the coast that are around or under sea level.
  13. I hope everyone is alright as well! I've had the news on all morning ... such a horrible tragedy.
  14. I heard about the news as well, I heard that NY, California, and Hawaii are on like an earthquake watch if I remember correctly. Or was it a tsunami? I'm not sure but I'm scared x_x I hope everyone is okay and this is really scary. I don't like weather/natural disaster incidences. We never know what can happen.
  15. The footage of the tsunami is unreal. So sad.