Nail Biting !!!

  1. My sister was a chronic nail biter when she was younger, she stopped after my Mother bought her a nail polish that tasted awful.

    I see people all the time just gnawing away at their nails.

    Do you know of anybody that bites their nails ? Were you, are you a nail biter ? How did you stop ?
  2. I was a nail biter. I have mostly stopped for the past twenty plus years with occasional relapses. But even when I am "good" I still sometimes pick off the polish. At this moment though, my nails are good!!!
  3. I always bit me nails.
  4. I was a nail biter when I was younger, not anymore thank goodness!
  5. I was and still am. It's a nervous habit, and I also do it when I am bored. To avoid doing it I keep them polished.
  6. I was a nail bitter all during grade school. Eventually i stopped.
  7. i am not fortunately!!!i wonder what's their taste!
  8. I was a nail biter, I just quit about 6 months ago. I figured if I can quit smoking, I can stop biting my nails. But now they are brittle, they break easy..does anyone know how I can fix that?
  9. My mother bought that same awful product even used hot sauce. Nothing worked I stopped sucking my thumb but biting my nails oh no. I wear tips now. So that's what stopped me.
  10. I am a severe nail biter. which is why I have been wearing acrylics now for over 15 years! When I was young, my mother tried putting chili peppers, onions, garlic on my fingernails so that I would be less inclined to bite, but all that did was increase my tastebuds for those exact same spices LOLOLLLL!!!!
  11. i still bite my nails :shame: it is truely a nervous habit for me. i can go weeks without doing it, my hands will start looking really pretty then something stressful happens and chomp chomp chomp. sometimes until they bleed.

    the only thing that stops it is arcylics (and even then i still bite them, it just doesn't show)...but i can't find someone who will make them look nice AND mix the powder thick enough to keep them from breaking. :hrmm:
  12. I was never a nail bitter. But then just a couple years ago I started to. For my new year's resolution I said I would stop. I did tons and tons of research about how to stop.

    I really didnt use any of it other than every single morning I would put one coat of nail strengthener on and then a clear top coat.
    I kept my nails really short and put a nail file every single place I would look.

    Then after a few weeks, I just stopped. Now my nails have grown out and are long and strong. But every week I always put a coat of nail strengthener on just as a reminder.

    Then only bad thing is now I am addicted to nail files. It is something to do when I am bored. I am always shaping my nails and I barely ever cut them now because I keep them the right shape and size!
  13. i was a nail biter when i was younger but i stopped. i guess it was a nervous habit.

    my husband bites his nails, i hate it! and now my two year old has picked up the habit. i bought that nasty nail product but it doesn't seem to work, on either of them! i don't know what to do.
  14. I have bit them on and off since I was little. When I stress I pick at my nails and end up biting them. I have to keep them pretty short to keep them at all. Or start taking Prozac.....:lol:
  15. I am a nail biter too :shame: I keep trying to quit, but its so hard! When ever I'm bored, nervous or anxious I bite without even noticing sometimes. I've tried everything from polish to wearing gloves around the house! [sigh]