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  1. Anyone heard of these Mexican purses made of candy wrappers? My mom got me a wristlet super cute I think
  2. yes i have heard of her line of bags made with recycled candy wrappers... appear unique & even gorgeous on the computer screen!

    on the other hand, i'm quite doubtful about the durability... & many of the bags i find seem quite tight with the space... any comments on this?

    any pics to share? :smile:
  3. I saw them irl and didn't like them that much. I figured that for a bit more I could get something in leather. I also thought they were a bit young for me. I do like the recycling idea, though.
  4. I saw these in a gift shop at the World of Coca-Cola in Atlanta, a few years ago. They were cute but kinda of expensive to be recycled.
  5. I saw them in a store in my area called Greetings and Readings. They really are unique and look very labor intensive. Cute!