Nahema by Guerlain?

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  1. Does anyone wear the fragrance by Guerlain called Nahema? I can't seem to find it anywhere. I've looked at Saks, and Neimans etc. Can someone help?
  2. You can only buy that one at the Boutique.

    I wear the parfum in the summer... it's a lovely peachy-rose scent for warm weather. I can't wear it in cold weather.
  3. I have a friend named Nahema.. guess I know where they got her name from now!
  4. Thank you. I'm assuming it's the same price as Shalimar ?
  5. ^^ No, I think it may be more expensive, not sure.

    I could only buy the large size in the pure parfum because they don't make the smaller sizes any more and I think it was somewhere between $250 and $295. This was a few years ago.

    They make smaller sizes in the EdT of course - the EdT is always reasonable but all Guerlains smell best in the parfum concentrate.

    The Boutique has testers in the parfum, if you need to test it first.
  6. Alright. Thanks a lot :smile: