Naffem fur show in Montreal Canada

  1. On April 29th in Montreal Canada, was Naffem fur show in Bonaventure. I was there modeling for one of the companies. I was wondering if anyone else on The Purse Forum was there also?
  2. I wish!

    I love fur coats. I only have two.
  3. HEYYY A MONTREALER!! Cool, we dont see our kind often! I wasnt there but congrats, that mustve been fun:smile:
  4. I wouldn't go unless the fur was faux
  5. let's not turn this into a fur battle, folks.
  6. I'm not...just saying it sounds like a fun thing to go to as long as the event was cruelty-free :smile:
  7. I agree!:smile:
    Congrats on the modeling job!
  8. that sounds so cool. i wish we were a big fur wearing nation. you never see people in fur in the UK. i just inherited a ton of expensive vintage clothes and ton of furs but have no oportunity to wear them so they are all in storage.
  9. ^ Why not donate the furs
  10. im one of those peolpe who holds on to everything just incase i might ever need it. but they also have huge sentimental meaning. my aunt who i got them off had never got rid of any of her clothes since the 1940s and she just had to move into a nursing home and gave me all of the clothes iv lusted after over the years.
  11. Awww, thanks girls, yea it was fun, it just hurted my feet abit to stay in high heels all day wearing heavy coats lol. kissmyace108, ur a Montrealer too!? YEY! Represent lol!! And Couturegrl, your chihuahua is soooo cute!!! ADORABLE! And Purplekitty, thanks for the congrats!