Nadja bag

  1. Does anybody know how much a Nadja bag would cost?
  2. Not sure what retail is but I bought the larger size in suede off ebay for about $300. You might want to check there!
  3. Nadja Flower - large $995, Nadja Flower - medium $895.00. The prices are for the leather ones.
  4. The mini is about 500$ isn't it? Is there any on-line shop that sell the mini one? I found one at Neiman Marcus, but I can't purchase it, because they don't ship to Spain.
  5. I love that bag and I have not been abel to get it anywhere here in DK and not shiped either....buhu! :smile:

  6. you can find them on ebay sometimes, but you have to be dilligent in checking periodically as there are not a lot of them there, which is a good sign because we can assume that this means it is not widely copied. i have a dusty pink smaller hobo version of the nadja, i wish i had bought a large draw-string version (as the one pictured in their promotional pictures) on ebay, as the large ones were never available in singapore (their buyer is hong kong reasoned that the relatively small-framed asian women may not want larger bags...)
  7. just scored this on ebay last week!
  8. wow, congrats girl, you got an amazing deal on an almost $1K bag!!! :wlae:
  9. i've been trying to get one of these for ages!!! there were a few other in the camel and black that only went for around $ they did better than me price wise, but this color is what i wanted....the leather is something else! :biggrin:
  10. that's nice price! are they still good condition?
  11. Those a very pretty. What are the dimensions of each size? Are they all shoulder bags?
  12. there's a small clutch Which went for about $150 to a medium size and then the large size which i got. the medium size is more of an east west style...the large is a draw string tote. the other's were in decent condition, used but still had lots of life left. i cant believe i scored this one NWT!
  13. Love love love your bag! the chocolate is TDF! and NWT is a steal!