Nacho dip??? anyone know how??

  1. A girl from my school took a nacho dip to school and my God it was so good!!
    I don't think i'll ever see her again so I can't ask for her recipe...
    I know it had beans, cheese, avocados, tomatoes but I can't seem to find any recipes online!!!
    Does anyone know how I can make a good dip just in time for New Years??
  2. Was it a seven-layer dip? Sour cream, refried beans, guacamole, grated cheese, hot sauce, black olives, can't remember the seventh ingredient but maybe lettuce?
  3. Whole foods makes one that is KILLER...I buy it all the time...LOL....
    Has beans,tomatoes,onions,sour cream,guacamole on bottom,and topped with cheese.Its YUMMY!(And makes my a*s huge .....sigh..I gotta lay off it soon!LOL!)
  4. I make one that is to die for too. It has cream cheese spread on bottom, topped with Hormel chili with beans, topped with salsa and then topped with shredded mexi-cheese. MMMMMMMMMM yummy. I know it sounds different from yours but it is great and I just thought I'd share.
  5. ^PLEASE stop... you're killing me! Really! I feel like nachos and all the dip in the world now, PRONTO!!
  6. ^me too, I'm totally going to have some right now, and it's past 2am :p
  7. I have enchiladas in the oven now and was inspired to make a small seven layer dip to go along w/ it. It's in the fridge melding together now- my layers were beans, ground beef, homemade guac, cheese, tomato and onion, sour cream, some salsa on top. Kind of modified, but I am sure it will be tasty.
  8. it does sound like a 7-layer dip....
    so i would just mix them all together i guess.
  9. ^ Not incorporate all together- but you layer ingredients- like one layer is beans, on top is x, KWIM? It might look kind of gross colored if you mixed all ingredients together, lol!
  10. mmmm these recipes sound so good... I'm adding the ingredients to my grocery list :smile: