N.V. Perricone

  1. Has anyone tried this skincare line?
  2. Love it! I use Concentrated Restorative Cream, Spider Vien remover, Alpha Lipoic Face Firming Activator, Vitamin C Ester for eyes, and Face Finishing Moisterizer. (between the purses and my "lotions and potions" and am so high maintenance:yes: ). I had run out of these and tried something else, big mistake went right back to the Perricone.
  3. I tried something...I can't remember what it was. Some type of facial cleanser and I have to say I was unimpressed.
  4. Perricone is so unbelievably overpriced, you can get serious cosmetic proceedures for what that stuff costs. JMO
  5. I tried it for a couple days (SA gave me samples) and my skin broke out like crazy. Not for me.
  6. I use a couple of products and have been happy. I have a gel cleanser that seems to just last forever and ever!!
  7. I bought his book "The Wrinkle Cure" a few years back. All about what you eat can change your skin texture, tone, soften wrinkles, etc. Ie: eating blueberries (antioxidants), salmon (omega 3s)... I really do believe that what you put inside can change your skin. I'm horrible aT drinking water, but when I do- my skin looks plumper, brighter. I've tried his eye serum and a few other things but I don't know that his stuff is any better than some other lesser priced items on the market. My dermatologist said that the higher the price, the more the public believes that the product works. I would rather save my money for handbags!