N Texas Coach lovers! Listen to KISS FM

  1. They said yesterday that they are giving away Coach bags on the air this weekend! :tup:
  2. Really??? I will have to tune in online or get my sister to listen. Weren't they doing that a few weeks ago? It seems I heard that in the car in Nov.
  3. Make sure they are real. I think I read somewhere a radio station was giving away fakes...
  4. Well if I win one and it's a fake, then I'll take the opportunity to educate them :yes:
  5. I was visiting N. Texas last month and heard this promo as well. Here's hoping that a fellow board member wins and gets an authentic Coach bag.
  6. I heard Kidd Kraddick talking about it today.
  7. why does this never happen in ct???
  8. OOO. I'm in Plano.. and also in the dark about whatever is going on..
    More details pleease!!!
  9. Well I got to listen for a few hours today in the car and on the computer. They gave away a COach bag an hour to the 20th caller. The website shows the bag for the hour. They're done for today but are going to start tomorrow afternoon again. And anyone who wins get entered into a drawing for a ski trip and a set of Coach luggage. :love:
  10. can post a link to the website.
  11. Not supposed to link to outside sites but you can google KISS FM Dallas and find it pretty easily...
  12. Oh sorry I didn't know about the linking rule. Thanks!