n/s modern chain vs e/w modern chain

  1. ok,so I am on a mad hunt for a new black modern chain. My SA is hunting one down, as am I. I called dallas and they had the n/s in black glaze. After seeing pics on the site, I was wondering, should I jump on it and call it a good buy? I have alot of cabas and that style is almost similar to the e/w, The n/s is kind of cute. SOMEONE HELP ME!!! I want to buy! I want to buy!!!
  2. The N/S is TDF!

    Check out the pic of Jenn with her's and you'll be heading in your car now to get one.
  3. I love both! I guess it's really a matter of preference. Looks at the pics of both sizes to get a good idea. Let us know which you choose and post pics!