N/S Cloudy Bundle tote questions

  1. Have any of you seen this style in the tan/khaki color - is that neutral enough to go w/everything? I love it in black but 1) it's so hard to find and 2) I have too many black purses as is? I'm wondering what the khaki looks like IRL. Also, would this be super huge on someone that's only five feet tall? Would I look ridiculous? Thanks for the honesty.
  2. i do have this bag in the light khaki color (i think chanel called it white or something weird like this). I actually love the color, very neutral and easy to wear. I'd posted this modelling pic in another thread and I'm almost 5'3. It is A LOT of bag but I've seen petite women rock the cabas which is even bigger than this tote:

  3. Larkie,
    Can you post a modeling pic of your grey e/w cloudy, since I think I'll be getting one too and I 'm also 5'3
  4. hi Norma, here's pic of the E/W bag which is more wearable for me--which color are you getting?

  5. Thanks Larkie!;)
    I'm getting both:heart:, BUT probably will be keeping one-as of now..until I seen them both side by side and make my decision, I will be getting the N/S same color as yours (beige color, wanted in black one but is sold out) and the E/W in black.

    PS: I'm loving the e/w
  6. ^^ ooh i would love to have another E/W in black or coral even if I have a rule about not getting two bags in same style. I'm thinking maybe i should look for the CB bowler instead?? I think you'll love the E/W too once you see them next to each other. Then again, I do adore that color of the N/S. Keep both (hehe)...as my SA recently mentioned to me, nice bags of this size will be a few hundred dollars more expensive every season...sigh.
  7. May I ask where you can find the N/S in white, hopefully assuming that there is one more out there????:graucho: I have been wanting this bag for awhile but thought it was all gone!
  8. sheanabelle- Thanks to a very helpful fellow tPF member geminibags (a big shout out and thank u for helping located these to HTF bags:yahoo:) I got the last N/S (white/beige) at the Saks/San Antonio, and the last E/W Black at Saks/Denver, I'm on a mini vacation right now so I will be getting them next week. Cant wait!!!
  9. oh you're super lucky, congrats!!!!!!!!!!! and enjoy vacation!
  10. Oh and if you have to decide between the two, you know who to call if the white one is heading back to Saks! :graucho:
  11. hey ladies!! my friend just bought a n/s tote in beige, but shes changed her mind about it.. if any of you are interested just PM me for details and i can tell you how you can get it :smile:
  12. 'Isn't it interesting gale, that in one of your June posts you mentioned YOU were looking for a n/s Cloudy Bundle tote and now you're advertising that your friend has one to sell? If you want one that badly, why don't YOU buy it from her? Oh wait, I know, because it's YOUR tote you're trying to sell here. Read the rules! No one wants your bag.
  13. i'm curious to see how you like the e/w tote. i got one recently and am on the fence. the straps seem long in proportion to the body of the bag, which is kinda small and squat (though it looks great on ldldb).
  14. actually roey it is a friends tote.. i already purchased one in black thats why i don't want the beige!! the only reason why i posted it here was because so many people were looking for the bag and i wanted to give them a chance to get it before my friend brought hers back!!
  15. ^Well, the story did sound a little odd. Sorry for the misunderstanding. :smile: But if your friend brings it back to the store, THEN you can let us know to call the boutique she returned it to. Other PFers will have their SA hold it under their name so that someone from the forum can purchase it. That's just the right way to go about it here.