n richie @ hollywood party

  1. [​IMG]
  2. She looks good in those hair extensions. I wonder if she will have cake..................
  3. She looks more and more like Rachel Zoe with every photo...
  4. I think she looks pretty. :yes:
  5. Love the extensions...she looks gorgeous...
  6. wow lovin the extensions! she looks different in all her paparazzi pics....
  7. she looks really good :heart: love her smile!
  8. looks good but she still needs to gain a little weight
  9. She looks casual and pretty!
  10. I think she looks great...so happy! And I love whatever she's wearing..dress, shirt, whatever! :smile:
  11. She looks radiant in that pic. I love the dress. Surprisingly, for such a petite girl she can really pull off bright colors and bold prints.

    I do agree though.....she would look gorgeous with a few more pounds.
  12. THat's what I was about to say, their hair look exactly the same now! I like her signature bob better I think
  13. She looks happy, beautiful, and fun!
  14. i love nicole and her hair extensions
  15. i like nicole's style, but i think the bob suited her frame better, plus, in a year that everyone had long, wavy hair (like the one she has now) her bob was ultra chic.
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