N.Cal Ultimate LV experience

  1. ok, i have a question for all of you norcal gals and guys: i've convinced my DH that he needs to spend this saturday shopping with me (which he's really not opposed to anyways) and i want to hit up an LV store. i live in rocklin/sacramento so basically i'm willing to drive about 2hrs+- to whichever is the best place to browse/ogle the merchandise. the only time i've been to an LV store was in Sept 06 while they were remodeling (i think) the Union Square store. any thoughts? :idea:
  2. Union Square, SF- the ultimate shopping mecca for NorCal residents (the Sak's Men's Store is probably the best in the country)
  3. sweet-it's closest too,i think.
  4. Go to SF Union Square - they finished remodeling the store and it looks great. Plus, you can go across the street to the Neiman Marcus LV boutiques and then to the Bloomingdale LV boutique. Have fun!!! I love SF!!! I'm from the Bay Area originally, but now live in L.A. and I miss SF!!!

  5. thanks, going to all three sounds like a great idea. i don't know if my heart (or pocketbook) will be able to stand all of the excitement!:nuts:
  6. They just open Bloomies with another LV counter! I love Tiffanys, Gumps, Gucci, Burberry, Bvlgari, Bottega Veneta, Max Mara. I miss the Bay Area too. :sad:
  7. As in Bubba? :nuts: I love that place! lol
  8. :lol: You silly grrl! Oh did you ever go in and try on all those fabulous Buccellati watches??
  9. I miss Sacramento and Union Square:crybaby: I never got to see the remodeled LV

  10. really, you miss sacramento??:confused1: Ok, i AM excited that Nordies @ arden fair is carrying some high-end bags. nothing to write home about but, hey, it's a start. i must have just missed the remodeled store in Union Square, it was just that basement part open when i went there.
  11. I haven't been to Arden Fair in 10 years last was there briefly before I left California. Is it still growing. Arden Fair has the first Nordstrom that carried designer items before San Francisco.
  12. well ok i miss my friends and everyone from N. Cal. Maybe not exactly Sac. lol
  13. Wow! Talk about a small world, I'm in Roseville! =) I like Union Square the best for LV, the new Bloomingdales LV is pretty small. Have fun shopping, we're going next weekend (10th). I can't wait! :yahoo:
  14. Haha.. From Sac here. I usually go to the LV in Union Square, then NM and then Bloomies. =) Yup, Nordie here in Sac carries Burberry, Coach, Kate Spade and DB.. not too sure on what other brands. It came a long way though....
  15. yup, they just got Balenciaga, Chloe and Marc Jacobs, too. i just picked up a Stam on Saturday. nice to see fellow tPF members in the area!:yes: