mz wallace sample sale

  1. No idea how i missed this, but i was checking out racked and they reviewed the mz wallace sample sale. I think prices are $30-100.
    [​IMG]Label: MZ Wallace
    Deal: Markdowns on totes, clutches and handbags.
    When/Where: Thursday, November 15th and Friday, November 16th. Daily 10am—9pm. 93 Crosby St between Prince and Spring Sts (212-431-8252).
  2. hey creighbaby, are you going there tomorrow?
  3. I'm going to try, but I have two other sales I want to get to also.
  4. I went yesterday, such a great selection of bags. Best bet are the quilted totes. All bags are $60, all leather bags are $100 and some canvas totes are $30. They also have great camo print cosmetic bags for $5 each.
    I know they were bringing out new stock today, too. Sample sale ends today.
  5. Hey ladyluxe - do you know if they accept phone orders? And did you see any quilted bronze leather bags? Thank you!
  6. I just came back from there.They don't have many styles and all bags are $60. Some wool bags are $30 but they looked really flimsy and not well made. Everything looked summery which on a cold day in NYC is not what I was looking for. Some bright orange floral print bags were $30 also. The only leather bags are in a baby blue shade with studs and those were also $60. I really liked one style but I thought $60 was too much since it was from s/s 2005. Most of the bags are from 05/06. They did have a lot of camoflouge makeup/toiletry bags for $5 which is always a nice small gift.
  7. Thanks for the update! Saved me a long distance call! :yes:
  8. I just came back from the sale, and they dropped the price to a very satisfying price. All bags in the last hour were $20, cosmetic clutchese and charms were all $1. I left with 2 bags and 2 charms. I managed to buy an all leather bag for only $20!!
  9. Most excellent! Which leather bag did you get?

    I got there around 5 and they'd just brought out a box of bags. I didn't go over because I thought they were packing them away. Two women got all the leather bags, but I asked them for whatever they didn't want. And after 15 minutes the gave me one. It was $60 and I bought a travelkit for $5. When I was there, the charms were $5.

    The bag I got was a pearlized pink/peach with two handles and a zip top.
  10. I got the baby blue with a few mini studs on it. I was unsure about it, but I just couldn't say no when they reduced it down to $30. Plus, it really grew on me. I befriended a lady there and we were waiting for each other, and next thing you know, they reduced all bags to $20. I like it even more when I got home.

    I saw the women with the pearlized pink/peach bags. They were pretty! I'm glad you managed to walk out with a leather bag.

    Oh yea, at the very very very last minute when they were packing things away, I saw this totally stunning metallic silver tote with LV-like handles, which had a little patina. I knew I wasn't going to wear it and I can't justify buying bags just to stare at them right now, so I gave it to a very excited lady. It was only there because an employee had reserved it for herself, but she was nice to give it out.