MZ Wallace Bags (Opinions on MZ Wallace Bags, Part 2)

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  1. It's stunning and I am SO happy with it. Just wow. The color is an amazing sort of slate blue. It's not entirely gray, not entirely blue. It's really gorgeous! I took several photos face on - one brighter, one more muted. The color is a little hard to capture. the bag itself is an amazing size and the shoulder strap is incredibly comfortable as is the cross-body. Just love it!
    IMG_6416.jpg IMG_6418.jpg IMG_6419.jpg
  2. Could someone do a mod shot with the small soho? Thanks!!!!
  3. Here you go
  4. Thanks so much! What happens to the handles if you wear it cross body?
  5. And that’s the small one?
  6. I got my medium Metro tote in night storm today. Love it! I am very happy with the pattern placement and in love with the bright blue lining.
    IMG_3203.JPG IMG_3204.JPG IMG_3206.JPG
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  8. Yes mine is a small soho. I haven't used it cross body. I'll try to get a picture today.
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  9. Has anyone seen the steel mini metro in person? I keep thinking about this bag, but am wondering if it will look to much like a lunch bag.
  10. Hey, DCooney! I have the steel metallic small metro. I love mine. I don’t think it looks like a lunch bag/freezer bag at all. In fact, it’s a nice shade of grey. (Now, the tin color makes me hungry... )
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  11. LOL thanks!
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  12. Yup.., like my long ago shiny tin Penny..., ..
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  13. Hey, Reba! Yup, I remember your comments about your tin penny.
  14. I just started another thread about their abysmal customer service. I used to LOVE MZ Wallace but I will never buy another thing from them, nor will I recommend them after my experience with The Metro Tote. This is after 12+ years and at least 9 or 10 bags too....they should be ashamed.
  15. New stuff coming! Check out Lucy’s Instagram today!
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