MZ Wallace Bags (Opinions on MZ Wallace Bags, Part 2)

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  1. I just carry too much crap!
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  2. Haha
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  3. Thanks so much for your reply. It's in the mail and I'm so looking forward to it! I've always wanted some sort of a gray shade in a bag, but gray can be such a flat and difficult color. It can look so bland. But when there are other tones to it, it can just come to life.
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  4. Post a picture when it arrives.
  5. I went to a late movie (The Favourite- thumbs up from me!) and when I got home I realized it was after midnight which meant my points were available. So I hopped on the website to place an order. I really wanted a medium Metro tote in night storm but it sold out...then recently came back! So I have been checking almost every day for the past couple weeks to make sure it was still there. Was able to order it, so I’m excited! I’m hoping for good pattern placement. I have small and large metros - this will be my first medium. I will post pics when it arrives!
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  6. They have a steel metallic mini metro on their site now. I hope it doesn't sell out right away. I can't have two bags coming in this week. I need to make more room first.
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  7. Received my mini soho today. It is such a pretty bag.

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  8. Yes it is! Can’t go wrong with Dawn! Beautiful..
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  9. one of my new favorites! Enjoy!
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  10. How much fits in the mini soho without stuffing it?
    I cannot be bothered with having to remove things to get to something in my purse, too many lost items that way, falling or left on a counter somewhere. But small soho has more room than I need unless carrying a sweater.
  11. Fits a full size wallet, sunglasses case, makeup pouch, 17 oz swell bottle among other things. Looks are deceiving with that bag.
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  12. I have a question. I own a lot of MZ Wallace bags. This summer I’ll be traveling abroad and will need to carry more stuff with me. I don’t want a huge bag but I do want one that can accommodate more than my Paige.
    I looked at the soho tote in dark blue camo and loved it online but am wondering if it sticks out from the body too much and what happens to the handles when it’s worn crossbody. I have a quilted bag and am not looking for another one, so, what are your thoughtS? Thanks so much!
  13. I think I would do the small soho due to the width being 7.4”. I believe that would be able to fit an iPad and everything else. Thoughts? Thanks!
  14. Yes, that would definitely fit a lot more than Paige. I only carried it on my shoulder with the handles, and it does hold everything you might carry on vacation (tourbook, glasses cases, water bottle, plus normal purse contents, even a thin sweater).
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  15. Thanks! That helps!