MZ Wallace Bags (Opinions on MZ Wallace Bags, Part 2)

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  1. My dream bag too..with gold hardware, red trim and red interior
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  2. Gifted my daughter her Dawn Abbey Crossbody (Valentine’s gift), as we were visiting... It’s the perfect size for her. She kept looking at the pockets..deciding what was going where..wishing she had had such an organized bag when she studied abroad etc....I was thinking...oh’s true...the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree...
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    Does anyone have the Belle Hobo and if so, how do you like it? I'm interested in buying this from a seller - in excellent condition. It looks like it would hold a decent amount. I had a Paige, and although I liked it, it was slightly too small for me. Any pics or thoughts on this Hobo would be much appreciated! Thanks!
  5. Never mind. I got some good looks at the bag and looked more closely on the MZ site and the shoulder strap drop is too short for my needs. :sad:
  6. I bought Belle Hobo on sale a year ago, but decided it was not for me and sold it unused. It had a zipper flap top and when open it was wide like a bucket bag. I like Hayley (mine is always full and rather sausage-looking) and recently I bought Thompson Hobo which I find comfortable and convenient too. Although the handle drop is similar on all 3, I think the Belle Hobo didn't seem to cave at the top, so the drop felt shorter. I think all 3 hold the same amount, although Thompson Hobo only has 2 outside pockets.
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  7. I love that bag. I could not get myself to USE IT but I love it.
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  8. I have never gotten my hands on Coco before. Now they archived this style. What makes coco a great bag?
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    It is such a great size for me..., I find it a bit roomier than Paige, and, has that back generous pleated pocket which fits a lot. The two shoulder straps clip totally off so you can wear either or. The leather strap is longer than some others and is so comfortable for Then the option of using the nylon crossbody other days... It’s a pretty bag too. Just my overall fave. A good basic everyday handbag... not as big as Hayley
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  10. She’s young...carries very little..and, when carries books, computer, that’s in her tote...; so this (abbey crossbody) is great compliment. I think I could use this size for travel outings etc. Even lighter day to day; holds more than you initially think...
  11. I do like the length of its leather strap. I wish they will bring this style back. Your Cocos are gorgeous.
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    Thanks so much for this feedback! The handle drop will definitely be too short for me. I appreciate the response!
  13. Is there any way you could post a pic of the Harbor Thompson? I'd love to see it!
  14. I'm looking at an EUC used Thompson Harbor Hobo. The color looks like it almost has a slight blue-gray - would you say that's accurate? It looks STUNNING!
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  15. Yes - blue-gray is an accurate color description for Harbor. It’s really pretty.
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