MZ Wallace Bags (Opinions on MZ Wallace Bags, Part 2)

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  1. Wow! We're really moving up now...a second thread because the first is getting too large!
  2. Thanks for starting part 2 of the MZW thread. Now, if I could only figure out how to reply to a quote from the part 1 thread so that it appears in this thread. Does anyone know?

  3. Nice bag! I like it more in your pics. Congrats!

  4. What I did was quote it in the reply section and copied and pasted it over here. It worked!
  5. Pasting isn't working in my app right now but I'm loving the Jane Tote pictures from mlstamb! I would sorely miss a Crossbody on the bag, but as a tote it looks wonderful. I love those zippered compartments (like Alex), the proportions, the tote-ness of it.
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    Yep! I have a charger, USB cable and headphones in a little pouch - right now they're in the center compartment and there's plenty of room for it, but the zippered compartments could work really well for holding that sort of thing.

    Glad the pictures turned out ok!

  7. I hope they put black diamond on sale - I want a Britt like yours for work!

  8. You have to quote it in the reply box of the other thread, select all, copy, and them paste in the reply box over here. At least that's how I'm doing it on my ipad and iPhone. :smile:
  9. Ahhh ok thank you!
  10. Hurray a new thread! Glad to see that Namkha started this one. I always wondered what happened to Claudia Rucker who started the previous thread!

  11. Thank you for your pictures. They are great!!
    I fell in love with the jane tote!
    My PC is MacAir 11", so I think it might fit in the side zipper section.
    Wow, I'm really in trouble. Lol
  12. Thank you Namkha for starting the new thread! I was so surprised that the first one was really close to the 10,000 posts. Amazing!
  13. The key chain was out summer shop 2013 or 2012 (I think it was 2012). When MZW released old version of neon pink Katherine wallet, they had the key chain and tussle. I didn't get the Katherine wallet at that time and regretted a lot, so this time I jumped on it. I love both of them.
    The metro's pouch is very handy and this bright color is easy to find. :smile:
  14. So glad you like the tote too - I hope your laptop fits in the zippered compartment, that would be awesome!