MZ Wallace - Baby Jane (Black)

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  1. hi just wanted to share this bag with all. there's very little mention of this brand/bag in tpf so i thought it might be useful to put in some pics for future reference to anyone who might be interested in this bag :biggrin: (i'm 5'2)

    stock pics available at:


    Attached Files:

  2. Very cute ms p! I think it'd be a great bad weather no fuss bag! Congrats!

    p.s. love your outfit too!! :P
  3. You look gorgeous... :cool:
  4. loves it!
  5. I love it. I keep seeing M Z Wallace bags in Manhattan, and love them. I wish Purse Forum would feature one for an article. They really are gorgeous. Their wallets are gorgeous, and I just ordered their bracelets as a stocking stuffer.
  6. thanks j & all :blush:

    the quality is definitely very good :tup: no loose stitch anywhere, looks sturdy, love the contrast in piping and lining against the bag, lots of functional and pretty pockets/compartment. the only thing is i feel that all their bags look quite similar so unless i want a different size bag i can't justify buying another one lol
  7. love love love mz wallace! They are my new obsession!
  8. i do think mz wallace is under-rated on tpf :smile: