Mytheresa wants pics of my credit card?

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  1. Hi ladies! (And gents, I know you're here too!)

    So last night I made my first purchase on for a classic City-- super excited because it was several hundred less than in stores even with shipping. Only this morning I wake up to an email from asking for photos of my credit card and an ID document (email pasted below). Has anyone else received this message before/is it legit? It does say to cover up most of the info but I'm still paranoid.

    "Your data security and excellent service are our utmost priorities. So as to avoid any possible credit card misuse, we would like to ask you for a photo of your credit card (please make sure all numbers with the exception of the final four are invisible) as well as a photo of an official identity document (e.g. driver’s licence, passport). Please cover up any confidential information on your identification document, for example your passport number or personal ID number.

    A photo taken on your smartphone is sufficient.

    This will allow us to process your order in compliance with both our security measures and your own personal satisfaction.

    We guarantee that the information provided will be kept strictly confidential and will be handled with the utmost security."
  2. I bought something from Minimale Animale once and asked to change shipping address, so they asked for photo ID OR a photo of the front of my credit card. Mytheresa are a legit website so I think it should be fine..
  3. I have bought several times from mytheresa and this has never happened. Please be VERY cautious with such things. Hackers can make a phishing e-mail look very authentic. Try to contact them by phone or directly through their website.
  4. Thank you both for your replies! While I know mytheresa is a legit retailer I'm definitely concerned about phishing as mentioned. I emailed their customer care address (not the address I got this email from) declining to send the pictures and asked them to please cancel the order. It's the weekend so I probably won't hear back today, but we'll see. Even if it's not a phishing email I'm still massively uncomfortable with the idea of those pictures being stored in their database... that's just one more thing for a hacker to get their hands on, you know?
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  5. You are absolutely right! I think it was the best thing to do! Please keep us posted what happened!
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  6. The latest: I received a reply on Monday from customer care, stating they periodically do spot checks on credit card purchases and ask for the photos, part of their security procedures, etc etc. But they were happy to cancel my order. The charge is still pending on my card, which doesn't totally surprise me since in the past it's taken forever for charges to fall off, but I'm watching it like a hawk to make sure it doesn't go through.
  7. I didn't know that TBH. Soooo sad that you had to cancel your order...
  8. Sorry you had to cancel your order and I feel your pain.
    However, My theresa is a legit website and if they have your card but with the fact that they asked for all the numbers save for the last 4 were invisible. There is therefore no way they could use your information as they don't have the card number in full.
    I had a similar question from Fashionette and decided not to buy with them. However I recently made another purchase from them and was absolutely delighted!