- more affordable than other sites?

  1. Hi, was just looking at and wondering how their prices for Miu Miu bags compare to other websites, say Net a Porter? I'm in Singapore, so shipping costs can be hefty, and I'm wondering if I can still save by buying online? Thanks in advance!
  2. Their sale pieces can be different for clothing but as for bags,I can tell you that they apply the standard prices with a flagship store. A coffer is euro.990 and a bow satchel is euro.790 in the store so has net-a-porter. They also have the same items on sale as the store.For example for the last sale started in Milan on Jan5th,they all had the plisse and patchworks collections on sale,that's it. IMO,they are both same,maybe you can make spare a few cents ;)on shipping cost while theresa applies in euros net-a-porter will ship from London in pounds.. just beware of that's the thing !!:lol: they always have markups.
  3. Ah ok thanks for the information, wildberry! I guess it might be more affordable still to buy online because after conversion to Singapore dollars, it still costs less than what I would pay here?