mytarget: B A B Y D O L L* Prom dress?

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  1. Hello everyone, I need some help finding the perfect prom dress for my senior year. I love tPF so much and everyone here is really helpful and friendly, so I am turning to my tPFers for help this year!

    • -$400 or less
    • -preferbly, LONG

    As for the color, I want something tan, gold, brown, dark purple, turquoise, and I am trying really hard to avoid PINK, I wore PINK to 2 of my proms already.

    I've attached a few pictures of dresses that I found really breathe taking to me. And I'd appreciate it if you found some dresses similiar to my pictures and afforable for me!

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    I want something that's tight around my bust and loose around my tummy area.

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    My favorite designer would have to be MARCHESA. I love her gowns. Most of them are baby doll inspired and exactly what I am looking for. I searched her online and found something I would DIE TO WEAR, sadly, it's 10 times my budget. But I'm going to share with you all anyways!


    Strapless embroidered dress

    I appreciate any opinions, comments, and suggestions!
  2. oo the second one is really nice!!!
  3. marchesa makes amazing dresses, but they are really expensive..
    Have you checked net-a-porter? They have plenty of nice dresses right now :smile:. BTW isn't the middle dress Diane von Furstenberg?? I love it!