Mystic Tan

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  1. I totally fake bake!!! I get so many of my friends asking me how I stay so bronzed but just enough to not look orange so I've included some tips:

    Tips on how NOT to get orange:
    1. put lots of the barrier lotion around your nails/cuticles, ankles and underneath your nails
    2. always always always use the lightest shade first, then work your way up, Believe me, it’s better to not be too dark than to be too orange, I’m telling you from first hand experience!
    3. exfoliate exfoliate exfoliate!!!
    4. don’t use any lotion or body products before you mystic tan
    5. don’t take a shower for like 6 hours after, but when you DO take a shower, use a soft washcloth (not a rough one or you will scrub off your coloration) to kind of buff down your body and get rid of your excess color
    6. DON’T use a white towel immediately after you shower the first time
    7. DO use a nice thick moisturizer after you shower
    8. Don’t go to bed until you are totally dry.

    Other than that, you WILL look fabulous!!!
  2. i swear by mystic tan. i LOVE it.
  3. today I officially transfered my membership to mystic tan ONLY!!! it is a big move for me - to not go into the tanning beds anymore, but I just know its sooo bad for my skin so I plan on going into the MT booth on mondays and fridays so I can stay nice and toasty year round LOL!

    I swear being tan makes me look a million gazillion times better, healthier and sexier!
  4. I am an extremely pale person and I've done Mystic Tan twice with not-so-great results. I think when your skin is totally white, any little streak or flaw will show up big time. I did all of the things you listed above and still was not happy with the results.

    But I agree that if it works for it instead of the tanning bed. I have had two pre-cancerous moles cut out of my back and it is not pleasant. And the scars are ugly too.
  5. LoriB, try Olay Body Touch of Sun. You aren't going to look like you've been to the beach, but at least you can put on shorts. I am pretty fair, but have dark hair, so I look good with a tan, however, I don't want to risk skin cancer or age spots since I am 42 and am lucky enough to have good skin.
    It doesn't show streaks like other products I have used it is very subtle. I can pretty much cover myself with it after a shower without a problem.
  6. OK, Mystic Tanners, how do you go about keeping your hair and especially your eyebrows from turning orange when you are in the booth? When I use self-tanner on my face, my eyebrows turn orange.

    Also, how much are you paying? In Seattle, it seems to be about $25 per session. That is steep if you go 2x/week.