Mystic Tan anyone?

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  1. Ok so as many of you all know by now, I am recovering (finally) from the chicken pox and am HATING how pale and polka dotted I look - soooo I was kinda thinking about mystic tan, but never have - there is one on every corner out here almost, and very affordable - does it work? will I be orange? I am native american so I do have a tendency to tan nice though...and I am too old to go the conventional tanning bed route and self tanning lotion drives me batty trying to get it even.

    ok--- anyone?
  2. I tryed it and it turn me orange.
  3. im asian and the girl i go to knows how to mix the color properly and she does it by hand and it works out perfectly...Dont go to the autmoatic machine ones you will be all BLotchy!!!
  4. do you go to a salon and get it applied? I have noticed at various spas out here in LA have tan application proceedures - is that what you are talking about?
  5. i've done it... if you tan nicely you shouldn't do it.. i don't. lol. but i prefer to be "pale & sickly"... it's been embedded into my head that pale skin is beautiful (though i still find a "tall dark and handsome" guy to be quite delicious! :biggrin:), so i stay out the sun as much as i can.. however people in popular locations (ahem- where i live in theOC, and hotspot - las vegas) all think that tan is gorgeous (and it is! on the right person!).

    i went to vegas once and before i did i went to get a mystic tan. it works great, but doesn't last as long as i thought it would.. i don't tan easily.. it takes me like a year of driving to get my arms tan. LOL.

    the one i went to was in huntington beach and the color is mixed by the owners themselves, but applied with an automatic sprayer.. i didn't turn orange and looked fine for my vegas trip. hehe. :biggrin:
  6. I didn't know monablu! I hope you recover fast and that those damn marks fade soon as well!
  7. oh i forgot to mention, i don't recommend getting a mystic tan since you just got over the chicken pox.. why is because you need to exfoliate your skin all over before you go in for the mystic tan... you're gonna be a tanned spotted person cuz you had the chicken pox..

    natural tanning should be your best bet for the moment. it'll even out your skin tone and at the same time, help get rid of the pox spots too.
  8. oh yea see I didn't know about the exfoliation part, I definitely can't do that right now!

    and tanning regular style isn't an option for me anymore, since I hit 30, I can't go out in the sun because I get sunspots super duper easy. My mom likes to constantly remind me it's because I used to tan too much from my teens to my twenties, and 'she told me so' but I miss the brown glow. Plus I'm native american so the whole pale thing simply does NOT work for me.

    but I guess I am just gonna have to deal with the polka dots for longer than I had planned. The weird thing is that the dots are clearing up, but turning a lighter shade than my skin so I feel like mini mouse's headband LOL! Thanks for all your input tho! :love:
  9. ya you're gonna have to wait a couple months for your skin to even out before trying to tan yourself..

    ot: ur doggie is so cute! shi-tzu? or peki pug? i dont know dogs that well. lol.
  10. I found your post hilarious ! My mom is always telling me to stay out of the sun for that very reason, e.g. being super pale is better. Asian people are so crazy; when I was in Hong Kong, you could buy skin bleach off the shelves of the drug stores. :Push:
  11. i see skin bleach and lighteners in asian shops all over san diego. i'm asian and i don't really like the pale look. it makes me look sickly.
  12. I say try the Mystic Tan......unless you sweat a lot! If you do, it will come off on your clothes and everything....and won't last as long.

    The same thing happens with tanning lotion w/ bronzers (if you use the regular tanning beds).

    I have never used Mystic Tan because I sweat a lot myself! lol. I go to the regular beds and booths...and I never use lotion w/ bronzers in it.
  13. im so glad I made this post -- I didn't know about the sweaty thing either - sometimes I have to work under super hot lights and I do have a tendency to sweat alot, AND I wear white clothes too -- ugh I would be really mad!! Ok I guess I will just have to stick with being polka-pale for a while until I figure out my next strategy LOL! I will post my next idea for you ladies to give suggestions at that time. hahhaa
  14. aww thank you - his name is Cha Cha de la Caca and he is just a plain ole' pekingese with an attitude. lol I will tell him u said he's cute.

    a peki-pug - is there such a thing? how cute that must look - although chacha does look like a furry pug !
  15. yah i've seen peki pugs. haha. their faces have so much attitude. lol.