Mystery (to me) Balenciaga...$170 trying to decide...

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  1. I was at a local resale shop yesterday and found a gorgeous Bbag for $170. I know enough about Balenciaga to tell that it was authentic, but I am not sure which style it is. It was about the size of a city, but longer. I could put it on my shoulder (barely). Inside it seemed like it had more than one compartment (working from memory). The closest color that I could find to describe it would be '05 caramel...but the style does not seem this old. It is also missing the tassels on the front zipper,and I am wondering if I will be able to replace them?? I am 95% sure that I am going to get it as I know it is a crazy good deal...but I just want to see if you ladies may be able to help me figure out the style so that I can research it a bit more.

    Thanks so much for any help......

    I am leaning towrds thinking it is the "town", but I cannot tell if that style has multiple compartments on the inside:confused1::confused1::confused1:
  2. Judging by the size/shape, it sounds like it might be a part time? But I have never seen a balenciaga bag (from the moto line, at least) with multiple compartments inside. You might want to post photos on the Authenticate thread for some expert advice. I hear there are some very good fakes out there, so it'd be good to be safe!

    Good luck!
  3. ^^^Great advice!! Thanks so much for your input! It is definitely not a part-time...just not sure what it is!! I called the store to clarify some info....

    There are two compartments inside

    The numbers on the bottom of the tag are 168026496891 (not sure exactly what these mean...clarification anyone?? Thank you!)
  4. The town just came out this yr. The pt has just one inside zip...
  5. If it's about the size of a City but longer, it could be a Velo, which is also fairly a new style.
  6. And then again if its caramel in color def not a town or velo
  7. Does the velo have two compartments??? Its color is faded to a could have started out as something else.
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    My guess would be a Twiggy which is longer than the City but will hold about the same as the City. Did it have a shoulder strap? The Twiggy only has one inside zippered compartment, though. If you get it and post pics in the "identify this" thread, I am sure someone will know :smile:

    ETA: I'll bet it is the "Afternoon." I just read you post with the #'s and, the Afternoon is the closest (see serial numbers, etc., in the reference section). I do think it has multiple compartments inside.
  9. is definitely the Velo. Now I am trying to figure out the color.....I will be back!! Thanks to all of you for your input!
  10. Is it slightly triangular shaped? If it does, it may be a Brief.

    The only new colour that would have come in the Velo (from memory, I believe it only has main compartment and the little inner zip pocket, and the external zip pocket) and which I think would resemble a light Caramel might be a heavily used Siegle? Velo is a new style, so even daily use would not change its colour that much.

    Best to stick it on the Authenticate Thread and/or What Style is this Bbag threads.

    Missing tassel replacement is easy or hard, depending on whether you are very particular or not. If you don't mind mismatched tassels, then I guess it is easier to find non-Bal leather tassels at the boot-maker or leather craft shops.

    If you want a perfect match, you may need to scour online and see if anyone is selling extra tassels in the colour you want, or maybe see if your local Bal boutique has any tassels you can purchase (some are happy to offer this to you: others, I understand, will not do so unless you bought the bag from them).
  11. OK...I found it!! It is the Velo in Seigle. It is missing its mirror, tassels, and shoulder strap. I can live without the mirror and the strap...but would love to buy tassels to replace the missing ones. Other than the missing is in good condition. I am assuming it is a good buy...even with the missing pieces???
  12. That IS a crazy good deal, makes me never wanna pay retail every
  13. If I get it...I will definitely post photos for authentication! I have seen my fair share of fake Bbags...and the leather on this bag is phenomenal!! It is thick and smooshy and yummy!!!
  14. Yay!! A seigle velo for $170?? If it's authentic, BUY.IT.IMMEDIATELY!! And please post pics when you do! Congrats on a great find!
  15. If its authentic, buy it. It doesn't matter what style it is, lol. Especially if its a Velo, you'd be crazy not to buy it.