Mystery solved...the transvestite birkin


    Some of you may remember my post eons ago when I was trying to figure out the skin of my Birkin. I had been told that it was clemence but when I got another clemence there were striking dissimilarities which made me think it was togo.
    Well my Birkin met Claude this past weekend. Claude took one look at it and pronounced it togo. It is a beautiful skin with absolutely no veining. The no veining part was the issue that kept throwing me and swinging me to the clemence side...

    Anyway another Hermes mystery put to rest!:supacool:
  2. lol congratulations!!!!!!!!!! togo with no veining is very pretty,
  3. It's so precious, Rockerchic!!

  4. It is gorgeous, especially when you get to pet it :p
  5. Beautiful! I LOVE Togo with no veining!!!
  6. Congratulations!
  7. This is so funny! I have had the same issue with my 32 orange Kelly. The final pronouncement was togo with very subtle veining. I was also told that it is almost impossible to tell on some leathers.
  8. YAY! I'm glad that mystery was solved. Regardless of togo/clemence, it is GORGEOUS!
  9. claude knows his stuff, huh? he's the bomb!

    RC - thank god, mystery solved!
  10. Who is this Claude? Is she a Hermes SA?
  11. ^^thanks everyone! And then Pepper took one whiff of it and said "Ofcourse it is Togo!"...I have a bumm nose...Drats!
  12. So glad your mystery is finally solved - and from an infallible source!
  13. That's good news! Congrats Rockerchic!

    Anyone please correct me if I am wrong. Claude is one of the craftmen (or repair) stationed in the NYC boutique?
  14. That's great!
  15. i absolutally love your scarf too... it's such a great design. lately have gone off some of the more "fussy" scarf designs and like the simplicity of that one...