Mystery solved!! The case of the moving pumpkins!

  1. Okay this story it too good not to share!
    On my front steps, I put out three pumpkins, two big ones and one of those baby ones. Well, one day as I went to the car, one of my pumpkins was almost in the road!:confused1:And that is a loooonng way from down the steps through the front yard, to the sidewalk. I automatically assumed that one of the neighborhood kids(our neighbor has some little kids about 7 or 8 years) thought it was funny to play a prank and move the pumpkin.:rolleyes: So, I moved the pumpkin back on my steps. Then the next day I noticed that one of the pumpkins had holes in it?:shrugs: I was wondering how that got there?? I just ignored it....
    Then a couple days after that, it was around 3 am and I heard something outside on my steps, I was too scared to see what it was. I ignored it. I woke up in the morning and one of the pumpkins was in the middle of the yard with a missing stem, and there were more holes in the pumpkins. At this point I am like WTH? I was thinking 7 or 8 year kids aren't going to be outside at 3am. I left to the store for a little bit and came back home to see a SQUIRREL on my front steps with his little head in one of the pumpkins eating it!!!!:nuts::wtf: The baby pumpkin was in the middle of the yard and half of it was gone, and the others were all half eaten! I got out of the car and went up to the steps and the poor little squirrel looked sad like he was caught and quickly ran away. So I have one pumpkin without a stem that has a couple holes in it, another pumpkin of which half of it is gone, and another pumpkin pretty much eaten. I've seen this squirrel with his squirrel friend in my yard before(they think it's fun to make holes in my yard.) Poor little squirelly was probably hungry, is there such a thing as squirrel food at the store? I just had no idea that squirrels could push heavy pumpkins off of my porch, steal them, and eat them!!
    LOL, this story was too cute not to share!! I will try to take pics of the pumpkins(if they are still there:rolleyes:) and I will try to take a pic of the culprit.:lol: So if anyone has missing pumpkins or holes in their pumpkins, keep an eye out for squirrels, hehe.
    Who would have thought squirrels eat pumpkin! So much for decorating....:upsidedown:
  2. Wow! I guess your squirrels were really determined! I would have figured they'd just nibble on the pumpkins:yes:.
  3. Ha ha, cute story. I've never heard of squirrels eating pumpkins. There are tons of squirrels in my neighborhood, so I better keep an eye on my pumpkins!
  4. I recall a series of photos that made the email rounds last October and were of squirrels inside pumpkins, that they ate holes through, on someone's doorstep. Very cute.
  5. What a cute story!!!
  6. :smile: I had a squirrel chew up the inside of a jack-o-lantern once, and kind of trailed innards out of it's mouth (which was where he ate from), and it looked like it was throwing up! Now I see people doing that on purpose and it makes me think of that little squirrel!
  7. :cry:^^Can squirrels get sick off of pumpkins!!???? I hope not, I would feel terrible! I saw the two of them today making more holes in my yard(I don't know what to do with it?), they seemed fine to me. I hope they are doing well. I put out some Planter's cashews for them to eat, lol!! I love squirrels!
  8. That's cute, purplekitty!

    I wouldn't imagine squirrels get sick from eating pumpkin. But just in case, make sure the pumpkin is clean.

    For those who don't want squirrels eating their pumpkin, put a sprinkle of cayenne pepper on it before you set it outside. (Mammals can taste the heat from food and birds can't. That's why people put cayenne pepper on their suet cakes to keep the squirrels away.)

    You could also mix red pepper sauce with water and spray the pumpkin.