Mystery solved : the Camel and the Blond/Blonde

  1. Just wanted to share that Camel and Blond/Blonde are indeed 2 different colours new for autumn(fall)/winter 2007. I think some of us were wondering.

    I was doing a spot of retail therapy today (ok, its still the sale season, promise I'll be good after, promise...). Anyways, I passed by the BV boutique and right there sitting at the window display was a beautiful light cream Veneta which immediately caught my eye. I dashed into the store faster than you could say BV and 'demanded' from the SA the name of the colour, :lol:. Which turns out to be Blond/Blonde. This is a beautiful pale creamy colour, very light in tone, along the lines of Magnolia (yeah, high maintenance pops straight into mind).

    Well, now we have it, the Camel is a caramel brown and the Blonde a cream. IMO, both are great neutrals. As always, you really gotta see them in person to truly appreciate the delightful colours that BV has been enticing us season after season. Can't wait for the latest catalogue to be out.
  2. Thanks for the info... excited to see them IRL.
  3. thanks for sharing the info!! cream blond sounds a delicious color indeed! :drool:
  4. Thank you! I've been wondering about this.
  5. So it is true! Thanks for the information. I have only seen the camel posted on various websites.
  6. can't wait to see the new colors and the new catalogue as well.
  7. caramel sounds like my kind of colour. thanks for sharing!
  8. I saw both irl (on secret mission for Ms P!). Camel is adorable and v. Similar to naturale, limited edition fr 2004. Blonde, I'm not too sure about. Beautiful to look at, but I would have thought it would be more high maintenance than limo (or myself!). Camel is warm and ab fab.
  9. Blonde is definitely high maintenance (no pun intended, lol). A-la Magnolia. And imo would be a nightmare to upkeep but drop dead gorgeous nonetheless. No regrets on my Camel, E. Love it!
  10. Ms piggy, thanks for the info! If we're not lazy today we may go to Carmel (CA). They just opened a new Bottega Veneta store there, and I can't wait to see the goodies. Ever since my first BV bag in May I've only visted a BV store 3 times.
  11. I may be off to BV today!
  12. 24, Kellybag, do report your findings. Enjoy!
  13. Wow, 24 Faubourg. I bought my 2 x Venetas in the BV store in Carmel. It's a great store as they had everything in stock as it was newly opened! Vkd
  14. I am lusting after the Medium Campana in Camel. Really lovely colour. Would appreciate it if anyone could tell me the price in HK.
  15. Ms Piggy, you seem to go retail therapy every other day, you lucky girl. Do you work nearby? I would love to go shopping everyday!

    Was that at the Paragon or Taka? I passed by Taka today but didn't drop in to the boutique!