Mystery solved - Burberry trench prices

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    I was always wondering why some ivybridge trenches are 995 and others are 1295? Both in store and online. When I was in a Burberry boutique I tried one ivybridge that is so soft, unlike the Harbourne I bought which is stiff. The soft one retails for 1495, with a warmer. Online the Ivybridge without warmers sell for either 995 or 1295. I think the price tiers may work this way:

    1. Ivybridge: Cotton or cotton blend. Trenches made from 100% cotton (or close to 100%) are much softer and demand a premium price of 1295. Cotton blend (35-50% cotton) ones are 995.

    2. With or without warmers. With warmer, 200 dollars more. That explains why the Harbourne I bought retailed at 1175 while others were at 975. Because mine was with a warmer (wool liner).

    It is just my guess. I probably should have not called it mystery solved.

    One thing I must add is that the Harbourne I bought had two price tags, one is 1175 and the other is 1075. The 1075 one is covered by the sticky 1175 new price. I guess originally with or without warmer is only a $100 difference and now Burberry made it a $200 difference. The warmer is really thin and not that well made so I personally think it doesn't really justify the $200 markup. Anyhow, that is what they have left so I had no choice but to take it.
  2. ^ great investigative work, baobao! that makes a lot of sense. thanks. :tup:
  3. Thanks, coco ;)
  4. thanks for the explanation! i was wondering the same myself. i bought mine online and it retailed for $1295 i think. it was $1000 something, definitely not $995. i was so confused as to why there were so many different prices.

    it's also weird how the store prices and online prices for the one with warmer are different prices.
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    One thing for sure though, they raised their price. Many people have said that the trenches they bought two years ago retailed at 675 or so. so at the very least they raised them to 975 or 995. So even with all the sales when people were able to score them for $500, it is not that big a sale really if you think about what they were worth before. And that also explains why people wonder whether they are worth that price - they were priced right before and the current price 995 - 1295 are simply inflated and overpriced. They certainly don't look like $1000 coat to me. However, since I scored mine at almost 50% off I would still keep them. No way I am paying full price for them.

    Over the years the quality didn't seem to improve and in some cases, even deteriorated. So if you factor in the margin they make on the original price at 675, the coat must be worth around $200-300 fresh out of the factory, or even less. I don't even want to think about how much it really cost to produce a trench - I have heard they outsourced their factories to some low cost countries.
  6. I apologize, gals. I am actually a huge Burberry fan so I didn't mean to steer the conversation to the price territory. Let's just say if it is something you truly love and will enjoy it for many years to come, then it is worth it. When buying designer, we are buying the design, the name, the history behind it and the aroma. So it was not fair to simply compare the production cost to the retail price. Enjoy your Burberry items and long live Burberry!
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    baobaobeibei-Where did you get your Harbourne with the warmer (wool liner)?
    I have heard that burberry changes liner from wool fleece to detachable quilted warmer with button fastening from 2008 season. I think red wool liner for the black Harbourne is much better than black quilted warmer. :tup:
    Do you think the place where you got your Harbourne still has one in size 2?
    Please let me know. TIA!
  8. Yes. They may still have it since I returned mine in size 2 and exchanged for size 4. Size 2 looks very sleek on me but I was worried about gaining weight so I went one size up. The warmer I had is a black wool warmer which is rather thin. I like it better because I see some other ones have the quilted warmer that is bulky. I can't squeeze into the size 2 jacket with a quilted warmer. PM me for store info.