Mystery Shopping

  1. I don't know if this is the correct place to post this but I will start it anyway.

    Hey Ladies and Gents,
    Do any of you Mystery Shop or Secret Shop..
    I belong to a few and I eat out alot for free and I shop at some stores, nothing major and to my likings..
    Do any of you out there Secret Shop ?
    I want to shop Neimans, Nordstroms,Bloomies, Saks and Bergdorff !!! even if I could the CHANEL BOUTIQUE..
    Can any of you give me heads up on any info with that..
    I hope this is a allowed topic or search.
    I did search the rules and I did not see anything similar to what I am asking..
    And if any of you want the goods on some of the place where I shop that I eat for free let me know through PM I will be glad to give you the scoop.. just as long as you are not in my area- lol !!! I still want to eat for free....
    :hysteric: :roflmfao: :wtf:
  2. Can you further explain what Mystery Shop or Secret Shop means...thanks.
    I've not heard of this before. How does it work?

  3. yeah same clue what it means O.o?
  4. Yes what exactly do you mean by mystery shopping? Do you keep what you shop for?
  5. Mystery Shopping is when (usually) a consumer-related company hires normal people to go around and shop at stores and report on the customer service they received and the overall condition of the store and the products that were available :smile:
  6. i highly doubt there are mystery shoppers for chanel (or Nordies, saks, etc). that may just be a dream. i somehow don't think they need the threat of a mystery shopper to take care of the customer or go by the rules, you know?
    i do some mystery shopping every once in awhile. like you, it's nothing special. stuff like old navy, victoria's secret, gap- even did target a few times (which sounds lame that i liked it...but, hey, i needed some stuff!). but, hey, free stuff is free stuff!
  7. I was interested in mystery shopping a few months back but i find it hard to find work. I get e-mails from companies like Drug Fair or Modells wanting me to do it but i never do. Depending on the company depends on what free stuff you get.
  8. my aunt does it sometimes for movie theaters...and I used to work for blockbuster, we always knew the guy that mystery shopped us lol....we get mystery shopped at best buy and we never know who does it...I think most stores hire someone to make sure their associates are doing a good job :smile:
  9. Neimans and the big stores do have people that Mystery Shop. I have checked into it and have not been able to get a lead on the company.. I know CHANEL would be far fetched(lol), but some of the higher end stores require you to purchase and then return and rate the service of the return. Nordstoms is big on customer service with returns...just hoping that someone on here might have a lead.. The PF is great and has memebers all over !!!!
  10. i just don't think there are quite as many doing it for higher end stores, maybe you'd have to be established as a good, quality mystery shopper before doing stores like that?

  11. Sounds like a fun job. I hope you find the leads that you are looking for. The Purse Forum can be a great resource for many things.
  12. I once tried to work as a mystery shopper but the person we called said I had to put a deposit of $150 before i can be considered for secret shopping...i thought it was kinda shady and decided to forget about it.

    the weird thing was that I had to put the $150 and I wasn't even guranteed the job, it was just a deposit. Is this usually the norm ?
  13. ^I'm not really sure but I don't think you're suppose to put down a deposit.

    I remember applying as a mystery shopper before. They wanted me to buy an item from a certain store and then return it and write a report about it.
  14. Does anyone have any good companies to do this for? Who do you contact? I have seen ads in the newspaper, but never knew much about it.
  15. It cost nothing to invest in being a mystery shopper
    The 6 companies I mystery shop for I have never had to give them any money.
    If you have to give a deposit its a rip off.. Of you PM me I can give you a few good leads