Mystery Scarf

  1. Could anyone help me ID this scarf? I just got it today at LV and I'd love to know what its name is - I can't seem to find it on eLuxury.



    Thank you so much in advance!

    Sorry for the picture quality - had to take these with my phone.
  2. It's the monogram POP scarf.

    Congrats! It's lovely!
  3. Thank you so much! I knew it had to have a name and now I find it has such a cute one :woohoo:
  4. its gorgeous... congrats!
  5. It's so pretty! I like it!
  6. Oooohh... what a unique scarf! Congrats.
  7. i love that scarf!! It's funny when I asked if it was available in my local LV

    boutique and asked the SA 'Can you show me the monogram pop scarf?'

    He was like 'What?' and then he just told me to have a seat and brought all

    the scraves to me and I pointed at it and said thats the one. He's like 'ohh i

    didnt know that!"

    Hopefully, I will get it soon .. It's soooo pretty!

  8. Wow, it's gorgeous! Congrats!
  9. Wowww I like it must check out my local LV :heart:
  10. very Pretty congrats, enjoy
  11. I LOVE that print! Thanks for the close-ups.
    I'll have to look into that when I go to LV this weekend!
  12. its pretty...:heart: