Mystery of the Veau Barenia

  1. My SA told me that things coming in now that look like veau barenia are actually called veaf or something like that...the name slipped me...but its a new name for veau barenia...

    anyone know of this?

    and i did get a new veau barenia bracelet!
  2. do I smell today? bump!
  3. off topic : hey , did you finish that ice cream?

    we need to see that new barenia bracelet! yummy!
  4. ice cream??? whaa??

    I will post pics soon...of that and my croc barenia CDC.
  5. The Leather Ano Cuff in Barenia has been around for a while. They also come in Black box and Rouge H

    I'd still love to see pics!
  6. Oooooh croc CDC... YUMMY :p
  7. Hmm my SA still calls it Barenia...

    I want that Ano bracelet in Barenia!! Lucky girl!
  8. You dont smell we are here. Now I'm anxious to see the other bracelet
  9. let me get pics.

    she still calls is barenia too but its not veau now its something else...
  10. here are pics...

    ano cuff and the new CDC cuff.
    cuff1.jpg cuff2.jpg cuffs.jpg
  11. Very Nice!
  12. Beautiful bracelets! Now I'm curious about it a new leather, or just a new name for Barenia?
    Love the Wonder Woman pose in the last pic, too! LOL
  13. Wonder WOMAN!!!!

  14. Very Nice!