Mystery LV

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  1. Hi, I was at the Louis Vuitton Boutique in Orlando, today and they had this bag, that was really beautiful but I had never seen anything about it before. Heres the description. It was like a bronze metal color, but was a leather like material. It was similar to the petit bucket in shape and had a flap over the top. I am seriously thinking about going back to buy it tommorow, because it is just so beautiful. Thanks!!:smile:
  2. could it have been the sargeant bag? it was part of the LV prefall collection
  3. Yes that was it OMG!! Does anyone have it?

  4. Wow- I don't have it, but it sure is pretty!
  5. I think its a beautiful limited edition piece.....but a tad pricey for a canvas strap !!!!
  6. wow..i've never seen that before.
  7. there's a girl that has one here but I can't find it since they banned the's nice but expensive bout $2100 for the PM size...
  8. That is a nice bag ..the store here still has the Pm on display:love:
  9. It is so gorgeous irl, I am really contemplating buyng it. The Boutique in orlando was loaded yesterday!! they had everything you could dream of, this bag^^, quite a few dentelle peices (including one with a gold chain handle), lots of Olympe, a lot of mirage, both styles both colors, and even an exotic mirage (musette?), a croc marilyn white. I was so mad because the lady that walked in the store right before me grabbed a miroir pochette in silver and got it!! :sad: but everything else was good! :smile:
  10. If you get it, I'd love to see modeling pics. It's simply gorgeous!
  11. I have yet to see it IRL... it does look kinda cool though!