Mystery Leather Solved! Now I Need Advice!!!!

  1. In another thread I told the sad story of how I, total moron, totally forgot the name and color of a leather I saw in the book at my boutique this past weekend (I think I was in birkin shock, when i had the opportunity to try (and buy) 2, one in chevre!!! I got lots of great help from all you ladies, but I finally couldn't take it anymore and just called today. My SA wasn't there (kinda glad, so I could ask someone else to check for me). .. .well, it is color: NATURAL leather: FJORD!!! :idea: Whew!!! Ok, so now for the advice part: I liked the color, feel of the leather etc, and I am on "the list" to receive a 35 in this color/leather, with gold hardware, when it arrives this winter. However, I am now questioning myself on several things: 1. is the color too light, will it get reall dirty and absorb oil from my hands, etc. 2. How is the leather, in terms of suppleness? My goal here is a supple bag. .. i wouldn't say slouchy, necessarily, but i don't really like rigid (thought the chevre and VL birks i tried were a bit too "stiff"). And 3. How is this leather in terms of durability? I am planning to use this bag alot, not keep it in the box. I don't mind the look of a well-worn bag, but don't want it to get "ratty". Does fjord develop a patina over time, or what happens to the leather as it ages/wears? I really liked the look of this, and think it will be gorgeous with the gold hardware, but I don't want to be too worried to use it -- then again, i don't really want to compromise too much on color. Sorry for the long rant. . . HELP!!!!!! :shrugs:
  2. Kln, you may want to check out this thread--I think Wafaya had a similar question and then also do a search on "Fjord"--there's been a few threads I think discussing it.

    In terms of your second question: the leather isn't that supple nor is it stiff--it actually holds its shape very well. And is one of the heartiest leathers out there--very tough as it's made with the hide of adult bull. I don't think Fjord develops a patina over time although I've only had mine for a year. It is known for being pretty mattte and taking color very well. The only thing with Fjord is that it is pretty darn heavy!
  3. Thanks Orchids!!! Your description of the leather actually sounds great to me, a little "softness" but not too much. . And, I actually found Wafaya's thread shortly after I posted this, which has some very good info on fjord, but the color discussed seems to be Natural Sable, whereas the color of my (potential) birkin would be just plain Natural. Wondering if anyone has experience with something of this particular color/leather combo? Has anyone seen an entire bag in this combo, preferably a birkin? So hard to imagine what the entire bag will look like from a little square of leather. . .:shrugs:
  4. I saw once a Plume 32cm in natural fjord and it was very pretty. I have a feeling though that natural sable and natural are almost the same. It is a light-shade bag and a very nice neutral. I was told that the leather is quite durable and you can use it anywhere, anytime! But I don't know if the handles darken overtime.
  5. It's lovely and so durable, just know that it will be very heavy in a 35cm Birkin. :smile:
  6. Thanks everyone, such great info!!! I'm beginning to think this is the bag for me, especially since many of the pics i've seen of bags i love seem to also be natural color. I understand this is a heavy leather, but is it really much heavier than togo? My current bag that i schlep everything in is a very heavy leather, very similar to togo. .I think i've gotten used to it.
  7. Kln, I think chanchan and theITbag weighed their bags, one Togo and the other Fjord and they came out the same, but still, I tend to notice a little more soreness when I carry the Fjord vs. the Togo.