Mystery H bag style?

  1. Well, it's a mystery to me at least.:shame: I had these pics in a folder and I'm not sure what it's called. I think it's what made me go for the Vibrato Birkin with similar colors.

    Is it some sort of Herbag? :confused1:

    I think I need one too, whatever it is.:lol:

    Any tips appreciated, thanks!

  2. Hm, wasn't that called a Herbag Cabas or something like that?
  3. Oh I saw one of those. Vibrato Herbag is all I know.
  4. This looks pretty similar to my Kabana in black fjord - pic taken from the seller I got it from some time ago. I wanted a shoulder bag, and it has quite a clever and safe way of closing it with the ribbon. A pity this is not made any longer (but I think it is possible to SO discontinued styles?)
  5., on eBay, I'd make a search for "Hermes Kabana"?

    It's really cute in the Fjord too!