Mystery Gucci bag--What is it called?

  1. Hey does anyone know the name of this bag? I have watched this bag in Saks for months while drooling. Now its gone. I think it was around $1200-1300

    I can't find it on the Gucci website.

    I saw tons of fakes on ebay. i wouldnt dare.

    BTW I took this pic from ebay b-cuz i couldnt find it anywhere else. It might be a pic of a fake, I dunno. i just wanted to show what the bag looked like
  2. :mad: They don't have it in white. I'm not crazy about the black for some reason. But thanks for the info.

    I'm not a big big Gucci fan but theres something that I love about this bag. Is is $1200 worthy though?
  3. gucci has an annual sale in June. Maybe you should go in June and see whether it'll go on sale or not??
  4. Gucci Scarf ToTe from the Cruise Line
  5. For me, I don't think it's worth $1200 because it's not an all leather purse. If it was on that's a different story!
  6. Oooh good info. Thanks ;)
  7. Yes - Gucci cruise scarf tote. When I was at Gucci - Copley Boston a couple weeks ago they had it in white in stock. It is a lot larger in person than it seems in the photo.
  8. Such a cute bag !
  9. I think I saw that bag in either the Gucci store in White Plains or NM in White Plains at The Westchester. Maybe you could give these two stores a call and inquire.
  10. I love that bag. I didnt even know Gucci made it until I posted some Rafe bags and a member pointed out to me that one resembled the Gucci tote.
  11. Does anyone know if this bag went on sale?
  12. the Blue and red one went on sale only..but my Gucci already sold out of them
  13. yeppers, i would say it's definitely worthy of $1200...the wonderful thing about these designer bags is how well they retain their can always sell them a few months or a few years down the line & often get almost full retail value for them :rolleyes:
  14. It's on the Gucci site for $1,350. Beautiful!!