mystery green pics pretty please

  1. I think I'm enamoured with '04 mystery green but I need to see more pics. Does anyone have this yummy color? I'd really really appreciate some pics in natural light if possible. :yes: Thanks
  2. I believe Percephonie has this in her avatar? You might search her pics.
  3. ^^Percephonie's bag is 03 Emerald, not 04 'mystery' green (really wish we knew the real name, lol!).
  4. Oops, that's right! I could swear someone here has it, don't they?
  5. Was it on eBay recently? I was thinking bertiebluebird had one up. ??
  6. Here's some from my extensive collection (of pictures sadly, not bags;) ):





    First is from Amour, others from bertiebluebird's auction a little while back.:wlae:

    PS If anyone knows how I can attach actual pics instead of links to them, please PM me. I feel like a total nerd.
  7. Yeah, this is the one I remembered from bertiebluebird:

  8. that's an 03 emerald first perceponie's bag I mean
  9. Hmmm... I think the '03 emerald is the color I am looking for then. What a gorg color! Is it an attainable goal or should I just give up before I get too obsessed and all my dreams become emerald colored? ;)
  10. it is attainable, I scored an 04 seafoam green first brand new just when I never thought I find one in good condition:yes:
  11. OK - I'm on a mission then. :borg1:
    Geez, I've got butterflies in my stomach already...
    The bf is going to kill me!! :smash:
  12. How do I go about becoming a member of the MP?
  13. ^under FRONT DESK: news and announcements, Vlad posted an application for the marketplaza.
  14. Yikes, it seems I have to wait another 3 months before I can apply...
    Well, this will be an exercise in patience...
    Thank you for everyone's replies - greatly appreciated!