Mystery Coach Bag

  1. Hello to all -- I am new here and I hope one of you guys can help me w/ this...My fiance just gave me a new Coach bag to make up for our latest argument:love: . I, being the curious person that I am, cannot find it anywhere online :shrugs: (I just wanted to look it up, see what season it was or whatever) He did get it at the Coach Outlet. It is a med lunch tote. It is a light brown embossed leather tote with these cut out dots that have the different Coach materials behind them. For example, a few are white leather, a few are brown suede, a few are the traditional Coach "C" pattern, etc.
    I have no expertise on this topic and thought someone may be able to give me the scoop on this "Mystery Bag"! Thanks! :yes:
  2. It sounds like this years version of the gallery dot tote which is specifically made for the outlets. I saw it recently -- it is a camel color with the dots and the hardware is silver colored. I have the original white gallery dot tote in the lunch size and love that bag. I get the most compliments with that bag. It holds a lot of stuff but still looks small. Congrats on a nice 'make-up' gift.
  3. Heres a pic of the bag I described....
  4. Yup...I was right. It is the gallery dot tote exactly like mine except that mine is white. It's a great little tote. I love the jingly sound of the hardware on the handles. It sounds like bangles on my wrist. Enjoy!
  5. yup! the gallery dot tote (my current desire...). enjoy it, it's gorgeous!!!
  6. ^^^^ just saw those at the outlets this past weekend and they're adorable. Enjoy your tote!
  7. I just saw that in Edinburgh yesterday - made myself put it back lol. Very nice bag.
  8. Thanks Guys!
  9. Thanks Guys! I love it too! I think I'll be a Coach fanatic from now on -- they say it just takes one to get addicted, right?!
  10. P.S. They also have the matching scarf and wristlet for Valentine's Day. Pass that hint along to him LOL
  11. Cute bag! Enjoy!
  12. Your description was right on! Its brand new to the outlet! I just saw it like a week ago at the outlet out here. It was selling like crazy when i was there. 5 women where in line buying the tote and one was buying the wristlet! The wristlet are so cute too:biggrin: Enjoy your tote, and yes it will become addicting!!