Mystery Chloe bag?

  1. Sorry I'm just looking for a bit of help here... I have this (fake... sigh so ashamed...) bag given to me by my aunt who I actually don't like much (she's sort of battling it out with me for assets from a will... which I think is HORRIBLE... I mean leave the poor person alone and let him give out what he wants to give to who!). Anyway when she gave this to me to just winked at me and I thought that was so horrible... like she was daring me to give it back to her because it was fake... sigh I should've.

    The only thing is i've never seen a real chloe in this style, but i've never heard of fakes making their own designs (unless they're making those crazy louis vuitton rugs... my aunt has one of them! ugh!) and well... frankly, i'd love to own a real chloe in this style because it doesn't seem as overwhelming as the normal paddy.



    I'm not trying to pass onto some lingering hope that this bag is authentic by the way (there's no heatstamp on the lock), I just want to know if there is a model name for this bag.
  2. There was an east/west paddington which zipped to the side and the padlock just sits nicely and was much smaller than the standard paddington padlock, it was produced for 2005 and into 2006.

    My, your aunt doesnt like you does she lol ;)

    I suggest you make her a nice cup of tea with a laxative or two in it :biggrin:, but here is a piccie of a real one for ya!

  3. Chloe-babe you never cease to amaze me (good tea idea). Thanks for the pic on my end, a fascinating bag.
  4. :roflmfao::roflmfao:

    The real bag looks real nice.
  5. How horrible!!! I have one of those sneaky greedy aunts too. Keep your head up.

    I wonder why some people are this way. I only have 1 nephew and I could never treat him that way. He's my baby and I spoil him rotten! My sister told me he couldn't have a pool and I went out and bought him a BIG pool. She said he couldn't have a bike and I went out and bought him a bike, she hates that I go against her but hey our mom has passed away so I'm sorta like Grandma/Auntie to this kid! She hates that he calls me "momma" and her Stephy. :roflmfao:

    Back t topic,.... The bag that you are interested in can be searched for by your local Chloe store. Good luck.

  6. Optrex (eye drops) works every time - odourless and colourless :tup:

    By the way I'm really loving the pic of the real one!
  7. I've seen these (I mean the auth ones :p) in several colours on but for some reason the site is not working right now... at least I couldn't get there - but they might still have them!
  8. OH MY that is BEAUTIFUL! I did think it may be called a east/west but every time I google it I get the one with the zipper at the bottom that paris hilton took around.

    And thank you for the website, but unfortunately I can't buy overseas online because I have no credit card. I can't get one of those things! I just know i'll go bankrupt from debt if I do so i've never gotten one and i'm just barely keeping myself afloat. Plus I always have an online paranoia for expensive things... I want to be able to hold onto it and carry it home straight after I lay down the money, so do you think actual Chloe boutiques will still have it (this might be a really stupid question but I don't know how boutiques work)? To think I always have to go overseas to buy a bag because I live out in the middle of nowhere.

    Lol laxatives? You're all too nice... I was thinking cyanide but hey :p... oh dear that was mean. Lol i'm definitely joking about the cyanide.
  9. I believe you can paypal with your bank account through paypal.

    I should really stop enabling shouldnt I ???
  10. ohhhh... my... thank. you. so. much! I just want to HUG you right now...
  11. It's a gorge bag and in 05 leather (the best!!!). Good luck!!!
  12. :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao: yeah right!
  13. :tup:thanks Sucre!

    Kuruma that paddy on eBay bellacherie linked looks yummy!