"mystery box" for sale on 'bay

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  1. #2 Sep 23, 2010
    Last edited: Sep 23, 2010
    :rolleyes: How funny! I have heard it all now!

    I can't believe someone actually placed a bid on it! The seller says it's a D&B purse with a $195 price tag on it, but she doesn't say how old it is or what condition it is in. Just because it comes with a price tag doesn't mean anything... the tag could be attached to the bag with a safety pin or a piece of tape!
  2. EXACTLY - who knows what condition that thing is in! and yet someone placed a bid!!:graucho: i swear you can't think you have ever seen it all on ebay!
  3. isn't every box a mystery box
  4. :lol: yes exactly katlun!!! which is why i said i worry about what i will recieve when i KNOW what i bid on!!:P
  5. Yep, the people just keep getting weirder and weirder! Thanks for posting that auction, it gave me a chuckle! :lol:
  6. :roflmfao: wow I've definitely seen it all now.
  7. Seller has 3 of these listed. :nuts:
  8. Life is like a mystery box for sale on ebay...you'd never gonna know what you're gonna get...
  9. Didn't they used to have many more of these...and maybe even a category? We are talking years and years ago....
  10. Yes. They're not allowed now on Ebay.
  11. Wait, I don't get it... The price tag says $195... and yet the Seller paid $300 for it? What? Am I missing something here?
  12. You used to see a ton of these on eBay, some of them selling for quite high prices. I remember one seller would add items for every $50 in bids.

    yoglood: I think she's trying to imply that there will be multiple items, one of which is a D&B purse worth $195.
  13. Wow, I guess that skirts around the "item not described/as pictured" issue!:thinking:
  14. Seller is revealing that one of the items in the box is a D&B Bag with $195.00 price tag on it. From the wording in the auction, it sounds like there's other stuff besides the D&B bag included which total $300.00. Nonetheless, it's crazy!