Mysterious nail in my Varina

Jan 18, 2010
While walking in my Varina yesterday, I felt something poking my feet. I took it off and shook it, thinking that something might have got caught in it. To my horror, I saw a nail of about 0.2cm long sticking out. It is impossible that I have stepped on a nail because I had the soles re-soled and there was absolutely nothing stuck in the soles. I tried pulling the nail out but to no avail. I attach the photos here (pardon the dirty interior).

I'm very disappointed with SF. My Varina is less than a year old and I paid alot for them. My main issue now is, I bought these from Shopbop, not SF boutique. Do you think SF will take in my shoes for repair? :shucks:


Aug 20, 2013
The Garden State
Is the nail coming in from the bottom of the shoe? You may have an issue with taking them back to SF since you had them resoled. Maybe try a cobbler.