Mysterious large explosion/sound near Seattle today

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  1. I was in my office this afternoon (sorta) working and there was a very large seismic boom outside. The whole house shook and the windows rattled- in fact, a screen on one of my windows actually FELL OFF from the vibration. My dog was so freaked out she got under the bed and would not come out.

    I have heard sonic booms before and this was very different. In fact, the concussion of the noise was such that my left ear bone was reverberating for a couple hours. It reminded me of some of the stuff I saw in the military.

    I called 911 and reported it. The dispatcher told me they'd had at least 70 calls from as far south as the cedar river. (I live just east of Bellevue) The operator told me to call back in 30 mins or so to see if there were any updates. I did call back later and the operator said they'd had at least 100 calls and the police could not figure out where the sound came from. She also said the news stations were calling because they'd picked the dispatches up on the scanner.

    Did anyone else around this area hear this today? It was totally bizarre. Nothing on the evening newscasts tonight either. :weird:
  2. Whaaat. Has anyone heard anything yet? Stories like these always scare me, when no one talks about it ..creepy
  3. Nada. I have a contact in the Sheriff's office I'm gonna call tomorrow and ask about it!
  4. That is really strange! Roo, has anyone else said anything about it?
  5. Wow! Really? I remember when I lived in California we had constant sonic booms from missles being tested and military jets flying - it became a way of life for us, lmao. When I moved to Mississippi the "quiet" annoyed me!

    Are you in the area of a military base?? Could have been it? I dunno.

    Let us know if someone figures out what it was!
  6. A sonic boom from a military jet literally broken in half a huge glass bowl I had on my table. This was a number of years back. Scary.
  7. OMG that's so scary!! yeah these unreported events would make me feel like there's some military/area 61 conspiracy going on!

    I hope you find out what it is Roo, i'm curious!

    and hopefully the window can be fixed easily and will be covered by home insurance. =)
  8. Wow - that kinda freaks me out. Roo I hope you are able to track down what happened.

  9. I live in you girls remember when the space shuttle holding those astronauts exploded? I heard the sonic boom and my windows rattled too...very scary and freaky.
  10. Hm I didn't hear anything on the news last night!
  11. I hope it's nothing too serious, Roo.... In the mean time, keep your ears open for news about it.
  12. Hey gals

    The Sgt for the princinct I live in says they were never able to figure out where the sound came from. He said it may have been an aircraft but the airlines won't ever admit it because they don't want to pay for damages to people's windows. I've heard sonic booms before and this was much louder and also the way the house shook was more similar to a concussion from some kind of explosion.

    The Sgt. said they had at least 100 calls from people who heard it so at least I know I'm not losing my mind :wacko:
  13. Wow.... sounds secretive.... :sneaky:
  14. Also as far as I know, there are no military outposts around this area either... at least nothing that would emit a sound like that one (Ft Lewis is an hour away). I am thinking it must have been an airplane, that is the only thing that I can figure....
  15. Wow scary... let me check CNN to see if any reports...