Mysterious Givenchy Parfums Messenger Bag

  1. I'm hoping somebody here can help me. I just won a Givenchy Parfums Messenger bag on eBay. It hasn't arrived yet, but the listing is 160208048405

    I bought this bag to use as something hands free as I need some extra mobility (shopping in town) while I'm going through a physio prog for a busted knee. But I was puzzled by the 'parfums' part of the listing. Could this be one of those promotional bags given away when you buy some cosmetics/perfume? Hope somebody can help!
  2. Where does it say "parfums"? I looked but didn't see...
  3. Sorry, frenchie. My mistake :blush:The parfums mention came up in another (US) eBay listing. It was the exact same bag, but I've just checked and can't see the seller any more. The bag I won might arrive today and I'll check it out. The seller says it has a striped lining but there are no pics of it. The US listing had better pics and showed the striped lining. But I have never seen or purchased a Givenchy bag, so haven't a clue what to look for. But it was very cheap, so it'll do while I'm having physio.
  4. I just wondered if anybody has ever seen or bought a bag like this....I should soon be in a position to check out the quality and will let you know. Couldn't believe I won this for just over £1!
  5. Ha! Found another auction for the same bag. It's 260213162286. Complete with 'parfums' reference in description! Again, very low starting bid.
  6. If it's a promotional bag for fragrances or cosmetics then it should say Givenchy Parfums on that metal tag on the front flap.
  7. Thanks, eminere! I'll look for the killer tag when the bag arrives. I never thought of that!
  8. You're right, ArmCandy. There's deception there. This bag was listed with no mention of 'Parfums'. It was only when I saw it on another listing that I wondered about its origins.The bag just arrived and I must say it's very nice. It'll be very useful as a hands-free bag when I'm shopping in town. I mailed the seller to ask what 'Parfums' on the plaque was about. She said she didn't know as she got the bag as a gift but never used it....
  9. Oh BTW ArmCandy, the bag I received is exactly the same as the one you have posted!