mysterious balenciaga... O.O

  1. Hi ladies
    as usual, I'm surfing the net just admiring bags..and guess what I came across..
    this site..have you heard of it?:graucho:

    crazy cheap balenciaga bags huh? and they have the "yellow" as this for real?? too good to be true?
    my gut feeling is telling me that it is too good to be true..:sad: the site states that their items are authentic..but who doesn't say so nowadays?

    what do you ladies think?:confused1:
  2. ohmygoodness :wtf:

    i'd like to know too....!!
  3. I don't think the bbags in that website are real, I also looked at the other brand, they are not real too. The balenciaga is not allow sell online, so the website is illegal.
  4. stay away! they are fake!
  5. Yeah, that website is skeevy - when I clicked to enlarge alot of the pics it wouldn't let me & they did a good job of hiding the bales in most of the photo's.
  7. I could see the bales on the white first, they're square.
  8. I knew it was too good to be true :crybaby:
    why can't people just sell authentic items?? grrr:cursing:
  9. :cursing: Fakity fakity fakes :yucky:
  10. Way fake - although much harder to tell with white than with other colors.
  11. It seems that the price looks attractive but i don't think their website is legal to play safe, don't take the risk......:love: :love:
  12. Stick with the known retailers. Don't be tempted.
  13. very fake...... make me sick :throwup:
  14. Total FAKES! Did anyone catch a glimpse of the "metalic gold"? :rolleyes:
    Balenciaga Small Motorcycle
    Bag Metalic Gold
  15. ARHH! :throwup: