Myspace : your general advices for newbies ??

  1. Is Myspace overrated, overdone ?? maybe... but for non american people -at least the French lol- it's still quite exciting !!
    I would like to have a page for networking -since I have a BF and no intentions of flirting online- like a friendly professional page (I am a Designer). I am already on strictly professional websites (very limited and targeted, serious and boring) and Friendster (for friends and people, no blog).
    So Myspace could be in between, more open and visible than these 2, but it seems so uncontrolable and open that it's almost scary, most of the girls' profiles
    I see there act like sl*tbags..... so how to do it efficiently and safely and for something else than sexual, flirt and tease ???

    Your advices for newbies in general ???
    -Username : which "kind" would/do you use ?
    -How to target towards ppl with same interests ?
    -What do you personally use Myspace for ?
    -And how to navigate in general ?
    -How about personalizing the page (background, music, videos, fonts...) ?
    -More advices ??? opinions ?? learnings ??
  2. I will give you advice for anywhere on the internets, and then I have a question about MySpace too.

    First, do not let your user name, email address, or anything you ever post on the internet contain ANYTHING that relates to your real life identity or location. And that includes photos of yourself and loved ones, especially children.

    You may trust the nice person you have gotten to know so well with your name, even phone number and address.

    But do you trust the person who breaks into your nice friend's house, or their computer, and gets hold of all the data there, including information that could enable them to find and harm you or your family?

    Just like real life, most people are good and honest people who would never do anything like that.

    So it's easy for us to forget that ANYBODY, including not-so-nice people, can read anything we post here, to MySpace - anywhere!

    And even though we hope that our internet friends will never be the victim of criminals and/or hackers, unfortunately, those things do happen, and we can't control that.

    What we CAN control is whether the criminal or hacker finds any of OUR info on our friend's computer!

    End of that sermon.

    Now my question about MySpace:

    What are the advantages of having a page there as opposed to posting here? Does it have any features that we don't have here?
  3. Stay away from MySpace. Try Facebook for networking. I believe it's safer and there are many more privacy options.
  4. Social networking sites are considerably different from message boards. The object of a networking site is to connect with people that you may have known and lost contact, and to meet others.(I find the former to most often be the case). With profiles, you can learn a significant amount of personal info, fav. music, fav. books, sexual preferences, etc. Additionally, you can join groups according to interest and post on their small message boards.

    A message board, by contrast, is solely a place to gather and share information on a subject of interest. Getting to know others personally may occur, but is not the primary aim.
  5. i would honestly, do your own website and link it on your facebook profile. if you want to show case your stuff, thats a more professional way of doing it.
  6. Yes... MySpace is SO overrated! I'd try Facebook!
  7. LOL bchleo, thanks for the explanation. So its purpose is basically for people who specifically want to do the exact opposite of all the safety suggestions in my original post and make real life contact info available to the public!

    I never understood that before, I kept thinking it was just another venue for sharing information, ideas, thoughts, etc! Talk about out of the loop! :biggrin:
  8. i'm kinda over the whole social networking website thing... maybe because i've been on both friendster and myspace since 2003, and facebook the following year.

    i still have accounts with all of them, because i've been able to find so many friends that i've lost touch with over the years, and just in case i want to look anyone up. otherwise, i don't really spend that much time on it or obsessively updating my pages like most people i know.
  9. Just don't do it! Nothing but bad things came out of my MySpace page. People stole my photos, I got so much spam from dirty men and it was just awful! It's definately OVER-RATED!
  10. Myspace is insanely overrated unless you're 13 years old or 45 years old trying to hook up with the 13 year olds. Facebook is much more network-friendly and doesn't have NEARLY as much "fluff" as Myspace does. I have a Myspace account and I only log in if my e-mail tells me I have a new message or something, otherwise it's greatly ignored. If you're looking for a more professional look for networking... Myspace is anything but professional :o)
  11. I have MySpace and LOVE it. I set my profile to PRIVATE so that only my "friends" can view my page. That is my only suggestion. Oh, and change your password often.

    I don't think it matter's what "type" of personal web program you have, there are hackers and jerks everywhere. That is why I love the private setting on MySpace.

    Let me know if you need any help!
  12. Oh, sorry, it posted twice!
  13. Please don't post pictures of yourself half-naked. I mean seriously, most of the profiles have very lewd pictures. Not trying to sound like a prude here but sometimes stuff like that should be kept behind closed doors. KWIM?
  14. Don't accept a bunch of people you don't know, i hate when people have 300 people that they don't know looking at their pictures and information... creeps me out!
  15. I usually disclose everything on my Myspace Page. BUT! I keep them private and only people who's in my friends' list can see my complete profile. Add me!