Myspace Users who love COACH... check this out!!

  1. Those are too cute!
  2. ooooh I love that Pond Shoulder Legacy :heart:
    Pretty cool!
  3. oh Eeep! I just made a myspace page yesterday too! =D
  4. oooh i LOVE the pond and katy!
  5. Yea!!! :yahoo:

    Thank you so much!! I am new to My Space and still trying to figure it out!! I added the Pond Shoulder Bag, since its my fav Coach bag right now!!
  6. oooo how cute!!
  7. Very cute! :heart:
  8. I requested to add you to my Friends on Myspace, Candy! Check your friends invites :smile:
  9. Yay! Now I sort of have a pond least on MySpace!
  10. I LOVE the cotton carly background!!!

    Thank you!

    It's my new layout!