MySpace party boy offered promoter gig

  1. I am totally disgusted at this kids attitude he has shown no remorse for the trouble he has caused, he is revelling in the notoriety and has vowed to repeat the excercise. His parents should never have left him alone as he obviously was not mature enough to be trusted, how would you react if it this was your child?

    The promoters who are looking at cashing in by offering him a job should be ashamed of themselves, the kid will see the job offer a reward for bad behaviour.,25197,23057798-12377,00.html

    January 15, 2008

    • Party teen's parents 'disgusted' over drunken rampage
    • BBC, CCN and The Guardian reporting the party
    • Police haven't ruled out criminal charges over party

    [​IMG] Running scared ....I don't answer their calls. I just hang up," party boy Corey (right) said of his parents. "When they get home, I'm not going to be home." / Darren McNamara

    AN UNREPENTANT teenager who threw an out-of-control party at the weekend sparking a visit from the police air wing and dog squad says he will not change.

    Corey, 16, had 500 people arrive at his house after an open invitation went out on MySpace, but is still planning another bash in two weeks.

    "I've always had a bit of an attitude," Corey said.

    "I'm not going to change for anyone, really."

    Party boy Corey, 16, has been offered the chance of making up to $20,000 as a promoter after his wild and boozy party grabbed the attention of global media.

    He has so far refused to return home to face the wrath of his parents, and instead is planning another party to be held somewhere in Narre Warren in two weeks' time.

    "Yeah, it's been pretty fun," he told Channel Nine.

    "I'm having another big pary in two weeks."

    "I don't really want to (go home), I'm going out with my mates and stuff, and don't want to go home.

    The teen enraged his parents and police after notching up a $20,000 riot bill from his bash, and has since gone to ground.

    Party promoter Tim Sabre, of Raw Entertainment, has offered 16-year-old Corey a job with his events company as a party promoter.

    Mr Sabre told media outlets today that Corey had done "a great job in the wrong place" and tipped he could be successful promoting underage events.

    "A promoter who can organise a party for 500 people can make anywhere from $2000 to $10,000," he sad.

    "If he can pull 500 to the street, he could easily fill up a club."

    The BBC, CNN and The Guardian have reported on Corey's party.

    Police Chief Commissioner Christine Nixon has warned the couple they could be made to pay for their son's mistake.

    "I have certainly called for a report to look at the costs involved and whether there is a way to recoup our cost, particularly around police vehicles being damaged," Ms Nixon said.
  2. What a charming young man.
  3. Thank the Gods my kids stayed in school!
  4. I think it's time for someone to get emancipated! I wonder if parents are allowed to initiate this or just the kids. Boy I sure would want to cut off this kid if I was his parents!!
  5. The poor parents have to pay a $20,000 bill for a child that isn't even speaking to them?!?! The little $h!t should be forced to do community service or something to pay for his mistake, not his parents!
  6. He claims he is going to have another party in 2 weeks but is afraid to go home. Where will the party be then? I would make him pay for the damages from his next party promotion back to his parents.
  7. I like how it is his buddies are doing the clean up and he is just posing. Is he still a minor? The police should definitely be looking him up, not his parents. Maybe garnisheeing his new wages!:p
  8. Everyone needs their 15 minutes. Why is she interviewing him? Such a bimbo! Is he mentally retarded? He seems like he is on drugs or just slow. I am being serious.
  9. Ooohhh he's intelligent too! He's got it all! What a moron.

  10. OMG!!!!! He was acting like a little kid, "I'm not taking my glasses off." This video actually made me laugh. And he didnt even fully warn other people how much trouble they could get into, he said, "Get me to do it for you." Rotfllll. I wonder what his parents will do with him when he finally sees them and starts speaking to them again. I do not think that is gonna be pretty, hopefully they will yell at him.
  11. :wtf:
    I have no words for people like this.
  12. I do!!!

  13. "What where you thinking"

    "I wasn't really"

    ROFLMFAO :lol:
  14. Stupid boy!