Myspace~Need some friends

  1. I finally broke down and created a Myspace page last night. I seriously want some friends from PF to add. If anyone has a page could you post your link?

    Mine is very bald right now but I will slowly work on it as I have time here and there. Mine is
  2. myspace is the devil!
  3. yes vlad it is...but that didn't stop me from selling my soul. :smile:

    a friend talked me into it. i'd never heard of it before and by the time i realized what it was it was too late. :smile:

    kiari i'm *m so when you get the add msg from the strange person, that's me. :smile:
  4. Why is it the devil :lol: Im a Myspace virgin, clue me in!!!
  5. Added you! Thanks:biggrin:
  6. I am no friend of those new social networking concepts that have sprung out in the last 2 years. Buddy here, Add friend there... I prefer the traditional bulletin boards (such as tPF)... which doesn't mean that millions of others feel differently about MySpace, Facebook and Co.
  7. I don't have a mySpace because
    but I'm sure there are plenty PFies who will. :amuse:
  8. Oh my Gosh, I have 1,362,201 friends on My Space, I am sooo popular.

  9. :lol:
  10. Can someone please explain what's it all about?? I just see a persons cv and then I'm his friend or how does it work???
  11. i added u :biggrin:
  12. I used to live in Fairfax when I lived on campus at Mason! :smile: I'm back in Great Falls now though... hate the commute.
  13. Thanks! I now have 3 real friends!

    I live in the Chantilly area of fairfax. I work near Great Fall's in Tyson's. Gotta love the lunchtime shopping:love: :lol:
  14. LOl @ my space being the devil ...........the net in a whole is the devil :smile: ..........And it has gotten me ( am a net junkie ) .

    I have to a myspace page but barely us it