1. I was wondering if the Myrtille color is going to be around for a while? I want to get an Epi Speedy this fall (need to save up until then) but am wondering what colors will still be around? :hrmm:
  2. The Myrtille color is relatively new, and I have yet to hear any plans for discontinuation. Even if it was discountinued, you'd probably be able to get one for a while afterwards since it's not one of the really popular colors. :biggrin:
  3. I think the Myrtille color is absolutely gorgeous!

    I believe it's new enough that you shouldn't have to worry about waiting until fall.
  4. It will be around for a bit.
  5. Gorgeous - and not too common!!!!
  6. Wow, I always thought Myrtille was a popular colour out of their current colours available. Which one is their more popular colours, red, mandarin?
  7. Madarin's hot right now, especially with the rumours of discontinuation floating around. Black will always be popular, and red is a staple color as well. I just noted that Myrtille is not one of the most popular colors becuase you see so little of it.
  8. Thanks everyone! I really want the myrtille because I think it would be a good neutral and I have a lot of black/red bags already but no blue. :biggrin: I love the color and I think it would be cute with khakis or jeans and a polo shirt which is what I wear pretty much all the time.:lol: Thanks again!
  9. Myrtille is my favorite Epi color!
  10. does anyone have pictures of their myrtille speedy??? I think myrtille is beautiful!
  11. I love the Myrtille Epi and I am saving for an Alma in that colour. Search the forum, I am sure you will find a piccy of the bag somewhere :smile: .
  12. I would love a myrtle Alma as well. :love: